Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask, EP (2013)

Cyberpunkers Whatta Mask EP Merging power-pop and indie disco, techno-trance and chillstep, dance and rock grooves with high energy beats, banging electronics and contorted layers of noise and wobbling basses, the Milan, Italy based project, Cyberpunkers are back with three, hot, dance floor busting tracks: “Whatta Mask”, “Mad Armada” and “Ogre´s Ballad”. We’ve got 15 minutes of extreme dance session and you will loose some weight or you will sweat and bleed to death!
Who said that the dancing days are over?
The “Cyberpunkers” project is the child, born in 2006, of the passion for Cyberpunk culture of two young Italian DJ’s. The format aims at giving a fresh start to this style. In a nutshell, a transposition of the Cyberpunk world in modern clubbing Through several performances at famous clubs, “Cyberpunkers” drew lots of interest and ended up being much taked about for both their original look, Read more Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask, EP (2013)

Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013)

Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013)

Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013) Solid, powerful heavy rock which would just fit perfectly and make probably serious waves, get acclaimed both by fans and critics as a follow up of their killer, 91’s “Slave to the Grind”. Unfortunately, 22 years late released from a band which could be one of the best American rock/metal bands – even against all the trends and media bulls*hit. But back in ’96 Sebastian Bach failed to convince his band mates to open for KISS while Rachel Bolan considered the band too big to play as opener. Just as a twist of fate, after they fired Bach, they subsequently opened for KISS both as Ozone Monday and later as Skid Row. But this is history now!! Can’t bring those days back anymore…
After the failure of Ozone Monday featured lead vocalist Shawn McCabe, in 1999, remaining Skid Row members Dave “The Snake” Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Scotti Hill hired Johnny Solinger to replace Bach. To date he has sung on the albums “Thickskin” (2003) and “Revolutions Per Minute” (2006), but Skid Row have been toured every summer. In 2008, Johnny Solinger pursued a country music solo career and released his debut solo album, although, previous Skid Row he had his own rock band called Solinger and released three studio albums and a live recording.
“United World Rebellion: Chapter One” is the band’s first EP since 1992’s “B-Side Ourselves”, and the first in a set of upcoming EPs releases throughout the next 12-18 months. And well, it passed seven years since “Revolutions Per Minute” as well, quite a serious gap in time between two releases for any artist. Read more Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013)

ANiMAL – Mind Reader (Raptus Remix) Track and Music Video

ANiMAL is a three piece, bass-heavy EDM punk band from London that formed in 2012 with a residency on Modestep Radio and quickly moved to doing guest mixes for Radio 1Xtra, XFM, and Pulse.
After a European tour in the Summer of 2012, ANiMAL retreated to the studio to work on remixes, collaborations, and begin writing new material. Soon the band signed a publishing deal with EMI and took to the road again, for two trips around the UK. They finished the year releasing their first track, ‘I Am Fire’ on the EDM label 2 Much Bass Records, and the track was later featured in the Ministry of Sound Bass Annual 2013. ANiMAL recently performed a live session for broadcast on BBC.
Kicking off 2013, ANiMAL is stepping up their game for the major European festivals by releasing their debut music video “The Animal Cage” . On March 18, 2013, ANiMAL has released their latest Read more ANiMAL – Mind Reader (Raptus Remix) Track and Music Video

Anthrax – Anthems, EP (2013)

My love for Anthrax started back in the mid 80’s with their murderous second album “Spreading the Disease”. Few years later, their killer “I’m the Man” (1987) literally changed my life and determined my taste in music. Anthrax is not a band, but an institution. Scott Ian is one of the Gods of Riffs while Charlie Benante is one of the Metal masterminds.
Now, honestly, back in 2010 when chief Joey Belladonna returned to Anthrax, I was pretty disappointed. On one hand I really love John Bush – great voice, great musician and contributed seriousely to the Anthrax machinery -, on the other hand, after all the ugly things Scott Ian and Charlie Benante revealed about Belladonna, I thought they will never sit in the same room again. But well, this is show-business, never say never, anything can happen. Belladonna was not so convincing throughout the Sonisphere Festival series where Anthrax performed along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, but the 2011’s “Worship Music” was a 101% Anthrax album with a not bright, but fair Belladonna singing as back in the old days.
“Anthems” consist in 6 cover songs and the original album version, respectively a new remix of “Crawl” from their latest album. We’ve got here Rush, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Boston, Cheap Trick and Journey. Kind of surprisingly, no KISS track. But trust me, they did a killer job! Read more Anthrax – Anthems, EP (2013)

Sky Burns Red – Who Are You, EP (2013)

Somewhere between the classy and powerful, genuine Brit rock of John Waite (The Babys/Bad English) and the groove oriented, grungier Indie rock in the vein of Kings of Leon or OK Go, it’s Sky Burns Red, a promising young band from U.K.
From the deepest depths of the Swindon music scene surfaces SkyBurnsRed, an eclectic rock band with a orchestral twist. Although guitar and violin would rarely associate under normal circumstances, the haunting tones of the classical instrument become electrified and entangled in the heavy rock foundations creating the bands striking sound. Read more Sky Burns Red – Who Are You, EP (2013)

Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

Electric Worry Back to Motor City 2013 Pierre (Bass – Vocal), Léo (Guitar) and Batiste (Drum) are the members of the French stoner rock band Electric Worry and ” Back to Motor City” it’s their four track debut EP – Digital album: name your price/free; limited edition CD for €5 at their Bandcamp page.
Although they choose their name inspired by the American band Clutch (track 6 from their 2007’s released, eighth studio album entitled “From Beale Street to Oblivion”), and they are singing in English, as a genuine French band, I did not find one single word in English about them on their official internet profiles and pages. Well, my French sucks – a lot – merde!! On the other hand, translator softwares are freaking fun, so, I’m not gonna bitching more about it. But if the band really thinking of reach out a larger audience over the borders of France, at least an official bio in English, would be nice.
But then again, this is a cool band (I mean f*ckin’ heavy!!) and they worth – at least – a listen. Read more Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

Kerry Leva goes EDM

February 12th, 2013 – Boston producer, pianist, and singer/songwriter Kerry Leva has cemented her path into the dynamic ranks of the EDM world with a trio of original tracks, ‘ Four Eight Two’, ‘The Way Out is Through’, and ‘No Strings Attached’, and remix of Stefan Anions ‘Cosmonaut’.
Gloomy, minimalist and quite danceable, this electronic adventure bring to the surface emotions over the beats and a tasty dose of melodies and mysteries.
She said: “I’m inspired by so many different artists, namely Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Tool…. I started teaching myself various NIN and Radiohead songs on the piano, since I had played from a young age. When I was about to graduate high school, my dad bought me a Roland XP30 synthesizer, and I started messing around with the presets on it…I’ve always loved composing music, so I started by remixing some tracks (including some on which I was a featured vocalist), and then spent the bulk of 2012 producing as much as I could.” Read more Kerry Leva goes EDM

Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy – free download

Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy Kids At The Bar have taken the progressive track “Easy” from Mat Zo & Porter Robinson and turned it into a Big Room Banger ready for the festivals. It’s available today for FREE DOWNLOAD on their Soundcloud. Also later this month the release of Kids At The Bar’s much anticipated Prog-House Monster “Awake” feat. Lucy Taylor will be available via Black Hole Recordings. Kids At The Bar will be making appearances at this years SXSW & WMC.
We’ve got a warm and groovy, modern sounding, heavy dance track, just perfect for a party starter! Read more Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy – free download