Belzebass – Welcome To Hell, EP (2014)

Belzebass - Welcome To Hell

Belzebass - Welcome To Hell Belzebass it’s a clubcore duo from Italy, and they delivering some extreme, aggressive s*it, be precocious, it can seriously harm your speakers and through them your ears and finally your brain may get fried. While the mainstream EDM scene is pretty boring, the underground definitively have its revenge! Hardcore take no prisoners!
The 2 guys with roots back to the hardcore and death metal scene like to produce and mix what they like: wicked beats, fat basses, rough synths, pig squeals all mashed with twisted off, dark atmospheres.
“Welcome To Hell” it’s their upcoming EP consist of three sick tracks and scheduled to Read more Belzebass – Welcome To Hell, EP (2014)

Black Futures – Chemical (Official Music Video)

Black Futures

If you think dubstep it’s dead, you might be right if you’re considering dubstep that mainstream bullshit the media selling so… extensively. But what about something called future punk? Unfortunately, one of my favorite bands, Subsource have officially split. Fortunately Read more Black Futures – Chemical (Official Music Video)

ANiMAL – Mind Reader (Raptus Remix) Track and Music Video

ANiMAL is a three piece, bass-heavy EDM punk band from London that formed in 2012 with a residency on Modestep Radio and quickly moved to doing guest mixes for Radio 1Xtra, XFM, and Pulse.
After a European tour in the Summer of 2012, ANiMAL retreated to the studio to work on remixes, collaborations, and begin writing new material. Soon the band signed a publishing deal with EMI and took to the road again, for two trips around the UK. They finished the year releasing their first track, ‘I Am Fire’ on the EDM label 2 Much Bass Records, and the track was later featured in the Ministry of Sound Bass Annual 2013. ANiMAL recently performed a live session for broadcast on BBC.
Kicking off 2013, ANiMAL is stepping up their game for the major European festivals by releasing their debut music video “The Animal Cage” . On March 18, 2013, ANiMAL has released their latest Read more ANiMAL – Mind Reader (Raptus Remix) Track and Music Video

Subsource – Generation Doom, EP (2012)

Subsource - Generation Doom, EP (2012) “Tales From the Doombox”, their 2010’s debut album was huge as a 10 tones punch right in the face. These guys from London just nailed the essence of wobbling noises filled Dubstep, the nerve and anger of Punk and the heaviness of Metal acts and merged everything into their own flavored music. Few artists can mash up different styles so smoothly and coherently as they did. Get Sex Pistols, Skrillex and Slipknot in the same room and make them bleed out the most intense possible s*it they can deliver, and then, eventually, you will come near to what Subsource sounds like. It’s dangerous and ferocious. Banger! This is the best result if someone ever trying to merge The Prodigy with Rage Against the Machine.
Liam Howlett of The Prodigy said: “These boy have a big, nasty sound. Dangerous to my ears” – and he definitively knows what he’s talking about.
Punkstep? Well, no label might match more appropriate!! Read more Subsource – Generation Doom, EP (2012)