Subsource – Generation Doom, EP (2012)

Subsource - Generation Doom, EP (2012) “Tales From the Doombox”, their 2010’s debut album was huge as a 10 tones punch right in the face. These guys from London just nailed the essence of wobbling noises filled Dubstep, the nerve and anger of Punk and the heaviness of Metal acts and merged everything into their own flavored music. Few artists can mash up different styles so smoothly and coherently as they did. Get Sex Pistols, Skrillex and Slipknot in the same room and make them bleed out the most intense possible s*it they can deliver, and then, eventually, you will come near to what Subsource sounds like. It’s dangerous and ferocious. Banger! This is the best result if someone ever trying to merge The Prodigy with Rage Against the Machine.
Liam Howlett of The Prodigy said: “These boy have a big, nasty sound. Dangerous to my ears” – and he definitively knows what he’s talking about.
Punkstep? Well, no label might match more appropriate!!


I know, 6 tracks are not a whole new album, an EP it’s “just” an EP, but two years we were waiting this and “Kill The Thief”, “Anarchy”, “Molotov” are absolutely killer tracks!! And a nice way to show up the middle finger to the incorporated mainstream!


01. Molotov
02. The Feeding
03. Lay You Out
04. It’s All A Lie
05. Anarchy
06. Kill The Thief

They say: “Four years ago, 20 miles south of central London, four people went into a studio to start a war. Fucked off with so-called live dance acts mincing behind laptops, and rock acts with no more substance than the product in their hair we decided things had to change.
The snarl of Punk, the oscillating sub bass of dubstep, the harrowing melody of coldwave all had to be in there with as much of electronica’s glitches and edits, hip-hop’s flows, the galloping ferocity of drum’n’bass and metal as possible. No subgenre’s safe from the “treatment.” The vivisection becomes complete when firing up the live beast. Amalgamated from double bass, synths, drums, guitars, and vocals, like an amphetamised Rottweiler running riot through a free warehouse party, tearing holes in speaker cones, our live shows leave saucer eyed audiences writhing in sweat-drenched ecstasy.
This is not a war of conflict but a war of unification. Ravers throw shapes, as Rockers bang heads, and Rude Bois throw their hands in the air. Subsource are a Beat and Bass driven Rock act representing the underground UK dance music scene. No treaty will be signed and the occupation will be total.”

Still, can get the whole Resmashed Series, 6 tracks free to download at 320k from they Soundcloud page!

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