Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013)

Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013)

Skid Row – United World Rebellion: Chapter One, EP (2013) Solid, powerful heavy rock which would just fit perfectly and make probably serious waves, get acclaimed both by fans and critics as a follow up of their killer, 91’s “Slave to the Grind”. Unfortunately, 22 years late released from a band which could be one of the best American rock/metal bands – even against all the trends and media bulls*hit. But back in ’96 Sebastian Bach failed to convince his band mates to open for KISS while Rachel Bolan considered the band too big to play as opener. Just as a twist of fate, after they fired Bach, they subsequently opened for KISS both as Ozone Monday and later as Skid Row. But this is history now!! Can’t bring those days back anymore…
After the failure of Ozone Monday featured lead vocalist Shawn McCabe, in 1999, remaining Skid Row members Dave “The Snake” Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Scotti Hill hired Johnny Solinger to replace Bach. To date he has sung on the albums “Thickskin” (2003) and “Revolutions Per Minute” (2006), but Skid Row have been toured every summer. In 2008, Johnny Solinger pursued a country music solo career and released his debut solo album, although, previous Skid Row he had his own rock band called Solinger and released three studio albums and a live recording.
“United World Rebellion: Chapter One” is the band’s first EP since 1992’s “B-Side Ourselves”, and the first in a set of upcoming EPs releases throughout the next 12-18 months. And well, it passed seven years since “Revolutions Per Minute” as well, quite a serious gap in time between two releases for any artist.

Johnny Solinger sings almost like Bach in his good old days, have a strong, solid rock throat and most of the tracks from “United World Rebellion: Chapter One” are powerful, pounding rock anthems in the sound and manner of the 90’s Skid Row.
The opening “Kings Of Demolition” it’s probably the best Skid Row track since “Monkey Business” and “Stiches” or “Let’s Go” are pretty close as well. These three songs definitively would be perfectly fit onto the spirit and style of “Slave to the Grind”.
“This Is Killing Me” is a country flavoured glam rock ballad, not really an “I Remember You”, not half powerful as “Wasted Time” or “Quicksand Jesus”, but a nice, soft and smooth ballad. Probably make sense for local radio stations and it’s probably an attempt to reach out for Solinger’s country fans too.
“Get Up” brings back something of the darker, a little bit grunge flavoured taste of the ’95’s “Subhuman Race” and it’s half way between a powerful, dark ballad and a tumultuous, contorted rock anthem. Interesting pick – musical adventure.

Skid Row

As I said, this a little bit nostalgic heavy rock still sound powerful and this is definitively a solid, consistent release. Not very sure about this EP releasing concept. Smashing Pumpkins already tested it and they have failed. I think a 12 song, solid, no fill-up tracks album would be much more efficient for a rock band. The trend of releasing only singles and EP’s works for dance and club music, largely commercial products and one hit wonders, but not for filthy rockers.
Sound good, feel good, rocks just back in the good old days! Their best release since “Slave to the Grind”. Just a little bit late, but eventually not too late.


01 Kings Of Demolition
02 Let’s Go
03 This Is Killing Me
04 Get Up
05 Stiches

Johnny Solinger (vocals)
Scotti Hill (guitar)
Rachel Bolan (bass)
Snake Sabo (guitar)
Rob Hammersmith (drums)

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