Panzanellas – Fagiano Unrequited Love (2013)

Panzanellas Fagiano Unrequited Love 2013 A little bit of color, life and madness from Firenze, Italy. Panzanellas is an experimental free jazz project formed by saxophonist Francesco Li Puma (the bass player of Atomik Clocks), guitarist Stefano Spataro (of Hysm? Duo) and drummers Marco Ruggiero (of Atomik Clocks), respectively Mattia Betti (of Umanzuki).
Build around the free rides and adventurous melodies of the saxophone, this is a journey of exploration and tripping in a Coltrane flavoured, gloomy, sometimes weird, but throughout expressive world of experimental/avant-garde music. Not for everybody, not for the the average or occasional music consumers, but for those who have ear for free music and border-less explorations.
Can grab it even for free (“name your price”), can share it, but most of all, listen it and enjoy it!

And this is another session, wilder, furthere intense. More to come, and definitively will get more exciting!

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