Gli Putridissimi and Panzanellas – Comete, split album (2014)

Gli Putridissimi and Panzanellas - Comete, Split album 2014

Gli Putridissimi and Panzanellas - Comete, Split album 2014 Lepers production from Itali it’s a free net label, we share weird music for free since 2005. They promote them self as the best free net label and it might be quite possible. But what I’m absolutely sure is that I love both Gli Putridissimi and Panzanellas and the positive madness they dislocate and spread around.
Gli Putridissimi it’s an experimental project from Bari which combines black metal with jazz. Hard not to love the rough insanity they deliver. But – for some probably surprisingly -, they manage to bring to the surface also memorable melodies and some pretty addictive grooves. They have a kind of friendly acid/psychedelia/space rock vibe from the 70’s mixed with modern grooves and non-conformity. We’ve got Read more Gli Putridissimi and Panzanellas – Comete, split album (2014)

Panzanellas – Aggression, EP (2013)

Panzanellas Aggression EP 2013

Panzanellas Aggression EP 2013 Panzanella or panmolle is a Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes popular in the summer. It includes chunks of soaked stale bread and tomatoes, sometimes also onions and basil, dressed with olive oil and vinegar. It is also popular in other parts of central Italy, but also around the world.
The concept behind Panzanellas is quite simple: just with an act of violence it is possible to conquer freedom, so they start to kill men and animals conquering their own freedom.
Two brand new tracks on the band’s second EP, the same sonic aggression, Panzanellas are grinding on the borderline between free jazz and avant-garde/experimental rock. Heavy beats, contorted and twisted out guitars with tumultuous, crazy saxophone solos throughout. They came in, kill’em all and leave. Pure madness or killer efficiency. No use to compare it with any other band, this is just Panzanellas. And it’s quite alright, we need this kind of out of the box trips and although some will probably label it as a slaughter, this is still much more exciting then most of the prefabricated, plastic and predictable “music” these days. Do yourself a favor, give it 5 minutes from your boring life and get yourself a fair share of aggression and eventually, a broken nose!! Read more Panzanellas – Aggression, EP (2013)

Panzanellas – Fagiano Unrequited Love (2013)

Panzanellas Fagiano Unrequited Love 2013 A little bit of color, life and madness from Firenze, Italy. Panzanellas is an experimental free jazz project formed by saxophonist Francesco Li Puma (the bass player of Atomik Clocks), guitarist Stefano Spataro (of Hysm? Duo) and drummers Marco Ruggiero (of Atomik Clocks), respectively Mattia Betti (of Umanzuki).
Build around the free rides and adventurous melodies of the saxophone, this is a journey of exploration and tripping in a Coltrane flavoured, gloomy, sometimes weird, but throughout expressive world of experimental/avant-garde music. Not for everybody, not for the the average or occasional music consumers, but for those who have ear for free music and border-less explorations.
Can grab it even for free (“name your price”), can share it, but most of all, listen it and enjoy it! Read more Panzanellas – Fagiano Unrequited Love (2013)