Lobotomic Cohesion – Of The Missteps And The Wounds (2013)

Lobotomic Cohesion Of The Missteps And The Wounds 2013 Actually don’t know anything about this project, anything else that it was conceived at Warszawa, Poland, this is the second chapter of their journey into the wilderness of noises and it’s for FREE DOWNLOAD at their Bandcamp page. So, grab it, share it, announce your neighbors and friends, scream loud as you can.
This is an exploration of sounds and secrets, a ride on rhythmic noise layers, gloomy soundscapes, a contorted combination of breakbeats and industrial fueled Gothic vibe. Sometimes strange, sometimes quite cinematic, but troubled throughout, this could be perfect for the soundtrack of a weird movie. But definitively it have its exciting moments as “Outsiders”, “Lizard On Ice”, “Beautiful Day”, and “It’s Just Too Painful”.

Lobotomic Cohesion @ Bandcamp
Lobotomic Cohesion @ SoundCloud
Lobotomic Cohesion @ YouTube

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