Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style (2013)

Loading Data - Double Disco Animal Style Loading Data is a French band founded in 1999, they tried their chances in the USA and toured for over 2 years, then moved back to France.
They released their debut album in 2002 through United Musics. The second album, entitled “Rodeo Ghetto-Blaster” was released 6 years later through the Argentinian label Oui-Oui Records (Los Natas) and via Deadlight Entertainment in Europe in 2010.
The band consist of Patrón – guitar and vocals, Robin Vieville – drums, Louise Decouflé – bass and Julien Ribeill – guitars and keyboards released their third album, “Double Disco Animal Style” in March 2013. Produced in Los Angeles by Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures, etc) it’s a mixture of stoner, heavy grooves and post-modern indie pop/rock with sticky melodies and strange, sometimes dream-like, sometimes floating like the smoke down in the club type of vibe.


It’s not an easy listing, although they have several memorable and addictive melodies, pop flavoured hooks and heavy, slow grinding, powerful and driven riffs. It’s an active bridge over time with roots in the 60’s, but looking into the future. Mixing heavy guitars and sweet synth layers, pounding drums with addictive melodies and all kind of different things from different styles, the result is a quite unique, Loading Data type of tumultuous, but memorable music.

Give it a try, you might be surprised and get addicted.

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