Meredith – Meredith III, EP (2015)

Meredith - Meredith III, EP (2015)

Meredith - Meredith III, EP (2015) Guitarist/singer Fred Lefranc and drummer Ben Delacroix are back with their third installment, a four track EP.
The previus EP, released last year “The Shape Of Things To Come” was an intense, modern mixture of alternative rock and metal with roots back to grunge and garage/noise rock. Now they sound more consolidated, mature if you prefer. The raw fury is there, but it got a polished make-up now which don’t mean they get any softer. The two guys managed to create a complex and intense music and surprisingly they filled up the spaces smartly, everything it’s nicely balanced. Rebels with cause – if you know what I mean.
I always liked about Meredith that they sound passionate and personal, they open up honestly and sometimes bring up unpleasant subjects like abuses or domestic violence with fair simplicity. Can’t fix issues if we refuse to step up and speak up. Read more Meredith – Meredith III, EP (2015)

L’Effondras – L’Effondras (2014)

L'Effondras - L'Effondras (2014)

L'Effondras - L'Effondras (2014) Post-rock it’s a vast and vague space and definition, fancy sometimes, abstract and elitist/exclusivist, but unfortunately mostly shallow, quite selfish and meaningless. Instrumental bands and albums scar me as David Bowie is afraid of Americans.
L’Effondras – actually ☉ – it’s a French instrumental trio and when I first watch a recording of one of their live performances posted on YouTube my first thought was early (Barrett era) Pink Floyd. So, it’s not really that “thing” called “djent” – or whatever – and – fortunately – it’s not that bored to death thing called quite elegantly shoegaze (or shoegazing). Although, there’s a little bit of both worlds in their music, but they manage to combine all those elements smartly and efficiently. Read more L’Effondras – L’Effondras (2014)

OK Go – Upside Out, EP (2014)

OK Go – Upside Out (2014)

OK Go – Upside Out (2014) “Hungry Ghosts”, the first new OK Go studio album in four years, drops in October, but the waiting it’s almost over and till the new album, we’ve got a 4 track EP to hang on to. It were quite long 4 years, OK Go and their fabulous third album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” made me re-evaluate the indie/alternative rock scene and it’s still one of my all time favorites albums. I just can not delete it from my mp3 player. It’s like Led Zeppelin “III”.
Anyway, if you’re anxious, you can contribute to their Pledge campaign of fund raising for the production of the new album.
Meanwhile we had a cute Extra Nice Edition on double CD, a live album (180/365, 2011), The Compleat 12 Months of (Rare, Unreleased) OK Go and a few killer videos. And while I just mentioned their incredible videos, they delivered a new one: “The Writing’s On the Wall”, so, let’s take a look! Read more OK Go – Upside Out, EP (2014)

Kasabian – 48:13 (2014)

Kasabian – 48 13 (2014)

Kasabian – 48 13 (2014) Formed in Leicester, England, in 1997, Kasabian won several awards and recognition in the media, including a Brit Award in 2010 for Best British Group and their live performances are generally well appreciated by the media and the audience. Their music has been described as a mix between The Stone Roses and Primal Scream with the swagger of Oasis. They have released five studio albums so far: Kasabian (2004), Empire (2006), West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009), Velociraptor! (2011), and this current, brand new album, 48:13 (2014).
48 minutes and 13 seconds, ten songs, three interludes (Shiva, Mortis, Levitation), “48:13” it’s a fair, straight up, electronic-tinged Brit indie-rock album with a few good and groovy moments and some memorable melodies.
This time they tried a little bit harder to sound like themselves rather than trying to be somebody else (obsessively, obviously or eventually Oasis) and – definitively – this is a win win situation both for them and for us, respectively their audience. Read more Kasabian – 48:13 (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014) Four years ago Trophy Scars and their fabulous “Darkness, Oh Hell” rocked my world. Literally. That hypnotic mixture of punk fueled post-hardcore, indie-psychedelic rock, jazz, blues and funk was fresh and powerful, totally addictive.
Meanwhile they lost a little bit their punk edge, but not their intensity and “Holy Vacants” it’s an excicting and charming, throughout enjoyable album. Actually they know how to get slowly under your skin and once you get “infected”, you can’t get rid of them anymore. Must mention this, they released an album entitled “Never Born, Never Dead” in 2011, but somehow I missed that.
“Holy Vacants” is Trophy Scars’ fourth album and was two years in the making. It was also intended as their last, not because of any cataclysmic upset in the band, but because the four – Jerry Jones (vocals), John Ferrara (guitarist), Andy Farrel (bass player), Brian Ferrara (drummer) and Gray Reinhard (keys, vocals) – felt that after eight years, it had run its course. Read more Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Lansare Theory of Mind Joi, 27 Februarie, in Control Club, Bucuresti


ToM_IFTS Odată cu Soarele și cu vântul de primăvară, vine la București și o formație din Cluj-Napoca să ne mai dezmorțească. Theory of Mind îi are la bază pe frații Bosînceanu, Vladimir – voce și chitară, respectiv Andrei bas, lor li s-au alăturat chitaristul Alex Cos și bateristul Tudor Bilt.
Trupa cântă un amestec revigorant de post-rock psihedelic cu inflexiuni indie și dream pop. Este o muzică cu sunet modern, dar cu rădăcini solide în rock-ul clasic.
La un an de la debutul lor pe scena alternativă autohtonă, Theory of Mind au pregatit un nou material discografic. Este vorba de EP-ul intitulat “I Felt The Sun” ce va conține două compoziții originale plus o serie de remixuri la piesa ce da titlul materialului. Piesele originale semnate Vladimir Bosînceanu sunt: “I Felt The Sun”, ce se regasește și pe albumul de debut, și melodia “Summer Waves” – cea mai noua creație a formației. Read more Lansare Theory of Mind Joi, 27 Februarie, in Control Club, Bucuresti

Meredith – The Shape Of Things To Come, EP (2014)

Meredith The Shape Of EP 2014

Meredith The Shape Of EP 2014 I tried to dig out some background info about this French band, but I didn’t find too much and the few things I found were in French, not a language I know. Guitarist/singer Fred Lefranc sent me a link to their teaser last December, meanwhile the 5 track EP was officially released. Unfortunately they don’t have a video yet, but fortunately, they put it on-line on the Bandcamp. (While Spotify in some countries it’s not available, on Deezer if you don’t have account, can only listen 30 seconds of each song and not everybody it’s iPhone addicted and have the iTunes applications instaled… So, for promotional purposes YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp are still the best free options available. MySpace it’s a… dead space. 😆 )
Although, most of the people don’t even bother to step outside Facebook lately, so, music it’s doomed just as the whole goddamn human race!
But let’s see what Meredith propose us!
The sound of things to come it’s solid, intense, modern, alternative rock/metal. Read more Meredith – The Shape Of Things To Come, EP (2014)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013) Frustration it’s definitively not that average indie/punk/post-whatever band and although we’re listening to a French band, they sound pretty British-American and bloody intense. Mixing the sound of Iggy and the Stooges, with contorted post-modernist a la Mark E. Smith and The Fall and some Franz Ferdinand/The Enemy type of indie-punk flavors, this Parisian combo find their own path to deliver they heavy, raw and militant post-punk-rock. No compromise, but energy and intensity. Not staying on their knees and becoming a whore of the media and the industry, it’s not only a proof of integrity, but it’s really rare on the music scene lately.
While music became only a secondary sub-product of the music industry, it’s pretty cool to still stumble into some real stuff. And “Uncivilized”, Frustration’s second album was already declared one most important French records released in the past 5 to 10 years. And it makes perfect sense. Just listen to the title track and you will know why this was labeled brutal. Read more Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style (2013)

Loading Data - Double Disco Animal Style Loading Data is a French band founded in 1999, they tried their chances in the USA and toured for over 2 years, then moved back to France.
They released their debut album in 2002 through United Musics. The second album, entitled “Rodeo Ghetto-Blaster” was released 6 years later through the Argentinian label Oui-Oui Records (Los Natas) and via Deadlight Entertainment in Europe in 2010.
The band consist of Patrón – guitar and vocals, Robin Vieville – drums, Louise Decouflé – bass and Julien Ribeill – guitars and keyboards released their third album, “Double Disco Animal Style” in March 2013. Produced in Los Angeles by Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures, etc) it’s a mixture of stoner, heavy grooves and post-modern indie pop/rock with sticky melodies and strange, sometimes dream-like, sometimes floating like the smoke down in the club type of vibe. Read more Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style (2013)

Archers and Arrows – Alone Together (2013)

Archers and Arrows Alone Together 2013 Switzerland’s Archers and Arrows on their debut album entitled “Arrows Alone Together” delivering a tumultous, but gentle mixture of hardcore rooted energy and indie flavoured melodies. Sometimes feels and sounds like Sigur Rós playing dEUS songs, or Bullet for My Valentines start playing Mogwai covers. Sometimes quite gloomy, but very smartly build-up and gently soulful, Sebastien, Nicolas, Bunty and Yves created a world of their own and now they share it with us.
Impossible to label it, to forced into a particular genre, Arches and Arrows it’s kind of ageless and fresh, furious, teenage oriented, but simultaneously calm and mature music, something which eventually catch your little sisie’s soul, would fit nicely in your ex-hippie father’s iPod and even your mother would listen it while she’s cooking the dinner. Read more Archers and Arrows – Alone Together (2013)