The Stranglers – Dark Matters (2021)

The Stranglers - Dark Matters - 2021

It was the second half of the eighties when somebody wanted to sell me two The Stranglers records. It was a friend but also a vinyl collector and black market dealer. The two albums were “The Raven” (1979) and “The Gospel According to the Meninblack” (1981).
When I heard the opening Read more The Stranglers – Dark Matters (2021)

’68 – In Humor And Sadness (2014)

'68 - In Humor And Sadness (2014)

'68 - In Humor And Sadness (2014) I admit, I was afraid this will be another noiscore/crossover post-hardcore whatever album, but fortunately I was wrong. If you miss the raw energy and fury of the Bleach era Kurt Cobain, but you’re even more hardcore and garage punk oriented, it’s very possible that “In Humor And Sadness” might be your next very best friend. It’s neat, it’s wild, it’s in your face, still quite musical and hitting instantly, getting under your skin quickly and for good.
’68 was formed in 2013 by guitarist and vocalist Josh Scogin formerly of Norma Jean and The Chariot and drummer Michael McClellan. They released same year a self-released EP titled “Midnight” including two tracks: “Three is a Crowd” and “Third Time is a Charm”. The initial pressing of Midnight sold out in less than one day, and the indie label No Sleep Records re-released it with new artwork on April 1, 2014.
In May 2014, ’68 announced they signing to Good Fight Music and eOne Music for the release of their debut album, “In Humor and Sadness”, due to be released on July 8, 2014. To promote the album, ’68 released a pair of YouTube videos, which had to be played in unison in order to hear “Track Two: E”. Such a wild idea, isn’t it??! The song “Track One: R” was also available for online streaming ahead of the album’s release. Read more ’68 – In Humor And Sadness (2014)

Liars – Mess (2014)

Liars – Mess (2014)

Liars – Mess (2014) Dance-punk? In the good old days when punk (rock) actually meant something, I mean more then a dress code or a hair style, dance-punk would be an insult or a blasphemy, but those days are long gone and the whole idea was diluted and our perception distorted. There is no more ideology, no moral concepts and generally, no content, substance in the music – and arts – generally.
But Liars it’s a completely different story!
If their previous album, “WIXIW” released in 2012 was a clear move into the electronic/synthetic area of the music, while some critics consider it the “most accessible album to date” by the band. “Mess” bring the experiments and sounds of its predecessor right up to the dancefloor. So, this is dance-punk, but in a very good sense.
And maybe this is not the album of the year – although I love it throughout -, the almost title track of the record, “Mess On A Mission” it’s so far, the song, the anthem of the year. Once you heard it, you can not get rid of it and you will have to sing/scream along: “Facts are fact and fiction’s fiction… A mess on a mission, Mess on a mission!!” Read more Liars – Mess (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014) Four years ago Trophy Scars and their fabulous “Darkness, Oh Hell” rocked my world. Literally. That hypnotic mixture of punk fueled post-hardcore, indie-psychedelic rock, jazz, blues and funk was fresh and powerful, totally addictive.
Meanwhile they lost a little bit their punk edge, but not their intensity and “Holy Vacants” it’s an excicting and charming, throughout enjoyable album. Actually they know how to get slowly under your skin and once you get “infected”, you can’t get rid of them anymore. Must mention this, they released an album entitled “Never Born, Never Dead” in 2011, but somehow I missed that.
“Holy Vacants” is Trophy Scars’ fourth album and was two years in the making. It was also intended as their last, not because of any cataclysmic upset in the band, but because the four – Jerry Jones (vocals), John Ferrara (guitarist), Andy Farrel (bass player), Brian Ferrara (drummer) and Gray Reinhard (keys, vocals) – felt that after eight years, it had run its course. Read more Trophy Scars – Holy Vacants (2014)

Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts: Red Classroom (2014)

Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts Red Classroom (2014)

Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts Red Classroom (2014) “Angel Guts: Red Classroom” is the ninth studio album by Xiu Xiu, it’s scheduled for release on February 4, 2014, only two month away from the Nina Simone tribute album and entitled simply “Nina”. I still try to figure out if I like or I don’t like the music of singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart. There is a strong, charming, 70’s and 80’s rooted David Bowie flavor which is awesome. On the other hand, sometimes the sonic trips are going over the edge of bizarre and I’m not sure I’m always capable to follow them anywhere unconditionally. But at least I’m honest to admit it. Then again, I hate the snobs who pretend they understand everything and praise anything which it’s “out of the box”, just because it’s… odd. I’m a weirdo, but I have the decency to admit my limitations! 😆
So, Xiu Xiu it’s a music of moods. If you play it in the right circumstances, have the proper state of mind, the appropriate mood, you’re on the same trip, you will enjoy it. But if you’re on a different track, their twisted off adventures might feel like torture. This time we were on the same frequency. I like that fever burned, warm and wicked analog sound. The instruments used to record the album were limited to analog drum machines, analog synthesizers, and a drum set. The result it’s pretty dark and dense. Turn off the light, turn up the volume! Read more Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts: Red Classroom (2014)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013) Frustration it’s definitively not that average indie/punk/post-whatever band and although we’re listening to a French band, they sound pretty British-American and bloody intense. Mixing the sound of Iggy and the Stooges, with contorted post-modernist a la Mark E. Smith and The Fall and some Franz Ferdinand/The Enemy type of indie-punk flavors, this Parisian combo find their own path to deliver they heavy, raw and militant post-punk-rock. No compromise, but energy and intensity. Not staying on their knees and becoming a whore of the media and the industry, it’s not only a proof of integrity, but it’s really rare on the music scene lately.
While music became only a secondary sub-product of the music industry, it’s pretty cool to still stumble into some real stuff. And “Uncivilized”, Frustration’s second album was already declared one most important French records released in the past 5 to 10 years. And it makes perfect sense. Just listen to the title track and you will know why this was labeled brutal. Read more Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

SuperCharger – Wrongside Of the Head (2013)

SuperCharger Wrongside Of the Head 2013 This is just bloody awesome! Think of The Wildhearts, Therapy?, Backyard Babies and Terrorvision, massive, powerful guitar riffs and huge, memorable, singable and melodious vocals. Somewhere between the punk rock fury and the glam rock flavour with heavy guitar riffs and catchy, pop fueled choruses, this Newcastle Upon Tyne, England based quartet fined a damn fine path to establish themselves. And best of all, this is a FREE RELEASE, so get your ass right now and grab it from HERE!
Formed in late 2007, the band released their debut EP “Smashing Up The Future” through indie label Nascar Records and played a huge amount of local and national incendiary live shows to support this EP. They have shared stages with the likes of Wednesday 13, Bullets and Octane, Sorry and the Sinatras and Eureka Machines, Ginger “Wildhearts” and friends.
“Wrongside Of the Head” it’s the perfect sonic molotov to bang your head off down at the club. On a payday night. Read more SuperCharger – Wrongside Of the Head (2013)

Gallows – Gallows (2012)

Gallows – Gallows (2012) Brutal, raw, merciless hardcore punk. Nothing fancy, nothing polite, nothing for the sake of the compromise, no sell-out. Singer Frank Carter left Gallows in July 2011 and former Alexisonfire guitarist/vocalist Wade MacNeil replaced Carter in August 2011. The result of this fresh blood infusion, the third Gallows’ album it’s a very nervous, very intense, aggressive and loud record. No fills, no breaks, no This “new” Gallows are picking up from where The Exploited left out, although this is less metal flavored and heavily hardcore fueled punk with a good sense of Brit indie rock infusion. “Outsider Art” it’s an excellent sing-a-long type of punk rock anthem with a brutal hardcore breakdown. Simple and brilliant. Memorable and brutal. And this spirit it’s running throughout the veins of all the 11 tracks of the new release and grinding you into the ground. Can run, but can’t hide, Gallows will get you! Read more Gallows – Gallows (2012)