’68 – In Humor And Sadness (2014)

'68 - In Humor And Sadness (2014)

'68 - In Humor And Sadness (2014) I admit, I was afraid this will be another noiscore/crossover post-hardcore whatever album, but fortunately I was wrong. If you miss the raw energy and fury of the Bleach era Kurt Cobain, but you’re even more hardcore and garage punk oriented, it’s very possible that “In Humor And Sadness” might be your next very best friend. It’s neat, it’s wild, it’s in your face, still quite musical and hitting instantly, getting under your skin quickly and for good.
’68 was formed in 2013 by guitarist and vocalist Josh Scogin formerly of Norma Jean and The Chariot and drummer Michael McClellan. They released same year a self-released EP titled “Midnight” including two tracks: “Three is a Crowd” and “Third Time is a Charm”. The initial pressing of Midnight sold out in less than one day, and the indie label No Sleep Records re-released it with new artwork on April 1, 2014.
In May 2014, ’68 announced they signing to Good Fight Music and eOne Music for the release of their debut album, “In Humor and Sadness”, due to be released on July 8, 2014. To promote the album, ’68 released a pair of YouTube videos, which had to be played in unison in order to hear “Track Two: E”. Such a wild idea, isn’t it??! The song “Track One: R” was also available for online streaming ahead of the album’s release.

The fist nine tracks of the record are named each one with one letter and the letters composing two words: regret not.
Produced by Matt Goldman known for his work with Underoath, Copeland, The Chariot, As Cities Burn, Mychildren Mybride, Vanna, Cartel, Meg & Dia, Oceana, etc, “In Humor And Sadness” have that genuine garage hardcore sound, but it’s focused enough and smartly arranged and polished to be groovy and fully enjoyable. Once official recording began, the songs were recorded very quickly, since Scogin choosing to leave in the “mistakes,” because it felt “very human”.
Josh Scogin said that “it’s a very impulsive record, very sorta wing-it style, let’s try this, and there’s no time for looking back”. And yes, it is, it’s a very alive, very kicking, very straight forward and honest album, something which is extremely rare nowadays. Actually, this is how any rock album should sound like. And even further, Josh Scogin managed to write some great rock songs, so, this is one of the best albums of the year and will be quite hard to beat it.


01. Track 01 R
02. Track 02 E
03. Track 03 G
04. Track 04 R
05. Track 05 E
06. Track 06 T
07. Track 07 N
08. Track 08 O
09. Track 09 T
10. Track 10

Buy it or steal it, eventually buy two copies just to be sure you have it!

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