SuperCharger – Wrongside Of the Head (2013)

SuperCharger Wrongside Of the Head 2013 This is just bloody awesome! Think of The Wildhearts, Therapy?, Backyard Babies and Terrorvision, massive, powerful guitar riffs and huge, memorable, singable and melodious vocals. Somewhere between the punk rock fury and the glam rock flavour with heavy guitar riffs and catchy, pop fueled choruses, this Newcastle Upon Tyne, England based quartet fined a damn fine path to establish themselves. And best of all, this is a FREE RELEASE, so get your ass right now and grab it from HERE!
Formed in late 2007, the band released their debut EP “Smashing Up The Future” through indie label Nascar Records and played a huge amount of local and national incendiary live shows to support this EP. They have shared stages with the likes of Wednesday 13, Bullets and Octane, Sorry and the Sinatras and Eureka Machines, Ginger “Wildhearts” and friends.
“Wrongside Of the Head” it’s the perfect sonic molotov to bang your head off down at the club. On a payday night.


“POP” it’s a massive, loud, instantly blow you away type of punk rock versus glam rock anthem with some solid riffs and sing-along vocals.
“Fail To Notice” it’s build upon a wicked riff and the fast and furious, pounding drums. This is dirty rock’n’roll and so unfuckingstoppable!
“Deadheads” will leave you singing for days “I’m gonna get drunk on payday” and those riffs are will echoing even longer in your ears. Reminded me of Therapy? and their infamous “Troublegum”.
“Choke” taste like a wild Motley Crue track, only it’s even better then the real thing.
“Burning Bridges” brings back that Therapy? kind of gloominess and it grows into a huge punk rock anthem. Simple, straight and murderous.

“Cokehorse” revels some more heavy and super-charged riffs while the melodious chorus it’s fresh and extremely singable. This band only getting better with each song!
“Bring The Bomb” sounds like The Ramones on steroid, but would definitively fit in on any of The Wildhearts albums as well.
“Straw Dogs” pushing the pedal to the metal and gonna take you to a chase on the fast-lane. Excellent contrast between the galloping verses and the nicely cutting down bridge.
“Maybe Crazy Sick” blows in with more furious riffs and this is another solid, heavy, dirty and wicked punk’n’roll construction.
“Headlines” searching for the lost 15 minutes of fame, it’s hard not to sing the chorus.
“Wrongside Of The Head” it’s the last bullet which was designed to kill away any of your suspicion regarding SuperCharger and this killer “Wrongside Of the Head”: punk’n’roll can’t sound better then this!

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