OK Go – Upside Out, EP (2014)

OK Go – Upside Out (2014)

OK Go – Upside Out (2014) “Hungry Ghosts”, the first new OK Go studio album in four years, drops in October, but the waiting it’s almost over and till the new album, we’ve got a 4 track EP to hang on to. It were quite long 4 years, OK Go and their fabulous third album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” made me re-evaluate the indie/alternative rock scene and it’s still one of my all time favorites albums. I just can not delete it from my mp3 player. It’s like Led Zeppelin “III”.
Anyway, if you’re anxious, you can contribute to their Pledge campaign of fund raising for the production of the new album.
Meanwhile we had a cute Extra Nice Edition on double CD, a live album (180/365, 2011), The Compleat 12 Months of (Rare, Unreleased) OK Go and a few killer videos. And while I just mentioned their incredible videos, they delivered a new one: “The Writing’s On the Wall”, so, let’s take a look!

The Upside Out EP, out on June 17th as a digital download via Paracadute, features four fresh OK Go tunes selected from the upcoming “Hungry Ghosts”, as the guys says: “especially for warm air and beach days”.
With tracks produced by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann and new partner Tony Hoffer, they promise that “it’s OK Go like you’ve never heard them before, widescreen blockbusters for the ear, mind, ass, and soul”.
“Upside Out” it’s such a twisted in ( 😆 ) title, but fits just perfectly the band.
“Turn Up the Radio” proves that it’s really a cool summer release with a few smooth and easy summer (rock) songs. A simple, but sticky chorus, sweet vocals and simple, but smart chords are the ingredients for the opening song – and generally for the whole EP.
“The Writing’s On the Wall” have a cool bass riff as starting point and a kind of 80’s new wave flavor throughout. Nice. Feels like The Cars or The Blondie.
“I Won’t Let You Down” keep the 80’s vibe alive with an additional funky flavor and a cool Prince taste – also from the 80’s. Quite danceable and memorable tunes!
“The One Moment” it’s the most rocking one, good to hear that tasty riff and feel that accumulated energy ready to explode. Smooth verses filled with tension and a strong chorus are the tricks this time and everything it’s working just fine!
Nice. Not that impressive yet as “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”, but hopefully the album will be more convincing. But then again, this is nice enough to make the waiting sweeter and put our expectation higher.
Honestly, I like “I’m Not Through” much more – one of the songs from the rare and unreleased albums.

If you pre-order Hungry Ghosts now, you’ll get a free download of Upside Out right now.

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