Meredith – The Shape Of Things To Come, EP (2014)

Meredith The Shape Of EP 2014

Meredith The Shape Of EP 2014 I tried to dig out some background info about this French band, but I didn’t find too much and the few things I found were in French, not a language I know. Guitarist/singer Fred Lefranc sent me a link to their teaser last December, meanwhile the 5 track EP was officially released. Unfortunately they don’t have a video yet, but fortunately, they put it on-line on the Bandcamp. (While Spotify in some countries it’s not available, on Deezer if you don’t have account, can only listen 30 seconds of each song and not everybody it’s iPhone addicted and have the iTunes applications instaled… So, for promotional purposes YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp are still the best free options available. MySpace it’s a… dead space. ­čść )
Although, most of the people don’t even bother to step outside Facebook lately, so, music it’s doomed just as the whole goddamn human race!
But let’s see what Meredith propose us!
The sound of things to come it’s solid, intense, modern, alternative rock/metal. Read more Meredith – The Shape Of Things To Come, EP (2014)