Meredith – Meredith III, EP (2015)

Meredith - Meredith III, EP (2015)

Meredith - Meredith III, EP (2015) Guitarist/singer Fred Lefranc and drummer Ben Delacroix are back with their third installment, a four track EP.
The previus EP, released last year “The Shape Of Things To Come” was an intense, modern mixture of alternative rock and metal with roots back to grunge and garage/noise rock. Now they sound more consolidated, mature if you prefer. The raw fury is there, but it got a polished make-up now which don’t mean they get any softer. The two guys managed to create a complex and intense music and surprisingly they filled up the spaces smartly, everything it’s nicely balanced. Rebels with cause – if you know what I mean.
I always liked about Meredith that they sound passionate and personal, they open up honestly and sometimes bring up unpleasant subjects like abuses or domestic violence with fair simplicity. Can’t fix issues if we refuse to step up and speak up.

The most grunge flavored closing “The Curse Of Being A Fool” it’s my personal favorite, it’s heavy and groovy and still, they placed some warmness into it. Love the riff and vocal line throughout. It’s one of their best song so far, even Thurston Moore or Kurt Cobain would be proud of it.
But this is a balanced, equally intense throughout release, the songs are there, the sound it’s there, they simply nailed it again.

Digital download for only €4 EUR or if you hurry you can get yourself a CD with handcrafted cover.

Meredith – Official Site
Meredith – Bandcamp
Meredith – SoundCloud

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