Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

Electric Worry Back to Motor City 2013 Pierre (Bass – Vocal), Léo (Guitar) and Batiste (Drum) are the members of the French stoner rock band Electric Worry and ” Back to Motor City” it’s their four track debut EP – Digital album: name your price/free; limited edition CD for €5 at their Bandcamp page.
Although they choose their name inspired by the American band Clutch (track 6 from their 2007’s released, eighth studio album entitled “From Beale Street to Oblivion”), and they are singing in English, as a genuine French band, I did not find one single word in English about them on their official internet profiles and pages. Well, my French sucks – a lot – merde!! On the other hand, translator softwares are freaking fun, so, I’m not gonna bitching more about it. But if the band really thinking of reach out a larger audience over the borders of France, at least an official bio in English, would be nice.
But then again, this is a cool band (I mean f*ckin’ heavy!!) and they worth – at least – a listen. Read more Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)