PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz – KILLmatic (2014)

PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz - KILLmatic (2014)

PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz - KILLmatic (2014) Downloadable good shit! For free, 320 kbps on their official site! Korn and Limp Bizkit fans will devour it, but this is a pretty cool mixture of rap-metal and industrial/EDM music, not only Korn and Bizkit fans can give it a shot. And not at least, the album features a pretty impressive list of guest-star featuring from Jonathan Davis from KoRn, Corey Taylor from Slipknot, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God) to Steklo and Memnoir.
Although, this PRoject OxiD’s Remix album of Demigodz’s original Killmatic 2013 album. While they 2009 debut al;bum entitled “Reality” was not a commercial success, you can find all the PRoject OxiD and DJ Make Illusional albums to download for free at 320 kbps at the discography page of their official site. Read more PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz – KILLmatic (2014)

Some of the best FREE VST plug-ins for your audio projects


FREE VST PLUG-INs Music it’s your hobby or it’s your vocation and job? Once you’re up on this roller-coaster you’ll be always on hunt for new hardware, software and plug-ins to enhance your productions. It’s a never ending investment, there’s always (at least) one more thing that you need immediately! Most of these stuffs are pretty expensive, but you can get always some amazing free stuffs as well. Free – but keep in mind, those people invest time, work and money to develop those products, so, donations always will be much appreciated!

At very first you MUST have the plug-ins by Variety Of Sound. Some of them are much-much better then some plug-ins you have to pay for. Seriously. Read more Some of the best FREE VST plug-ins for your audio projects

Red- _ -box – Think Out Of The Box (2012)

Free download, contorted dubstep, worth to give it a try. So, go and grab it – from the Sostanze Records web page.
We’ve got 6 tracks, an excellent mixture of noisy electronics and subtle experimental sounds, a monstrous clash between the raging and wobbling dubstep basses and the more gentle, smoothly layered progressive trance taste like passages and soundscapes.
This is electronic music, but it’s absolutely brutal and have a quite destructive rock vibe. “Deathmatch” definitively may pull your head off. And it’s not the only explosive moment, “If I Die Growl Growl Growl” will blow up your speakers instantly. This may not be rock, but it’s definitively rocking pretty hard. Read more Red- _ -box – Think Out Of The Box (2012)

The Atomic Bomb Audition – How to Dismantle a U2 (2012)

The key to this is – as they defined their own music -: “psychedlic soundtracks for films that don’t exist”. Under this funny and cleverly inspired album title they offer a collection of enclosed materials which represents all phases of the band, digging back till 2006 and the “Eleven Theatres” era. Also got the cover of “Laura’s Theme” from the famous “Twin Peaks” soundtrack which fits right in in the atmosphere and vibe of this release and reflects quite precisely the (mainly) gloomy and ghosty style of the band.
Released on 1st January 2012, and free of charge (“name your price”) on their Bandcamp page, this is a nice gift and a great opportunity to get know this band and their music. Read more The Atomic Bomb Audition – How to Dismantle a U2 (2012)

Echancrure – Paysage. Octobre. (2011)

This is a dream. Or a trip through some sonic landscapes colored by hopes, dreams, fears, nightmares and eventually some kind of desperate searching and self-searching, ultimately a need for communication and definitively a gloomy, but quite spiritual way to express feelings. And once again, in a world more and more isolated and alienated, feelings and communication are so goddamn rare. This might be a movie without imagines, or just simply a passage to a kind of intimate, hidden place where our ghosts are dancing in some soulful ritual fire. Symbolism melt into mystery, grotesque and vivid melancholy collide into one and the result are eight “Untitled” tracks which overcome and defied genres.
“Yours for free”, or “Pay as much as you want” is the best way to spread this kind of experimental, gloomy, “unfriendly” music. Read more Echancrure – Paysage. Octobre. (2011)

The Mono Jacks – Woman video single and free download

The Mono Jacks is a four-piece hailing from Bucharest, Romania and delivering mainstream flavored indie rock.
Their debut album entitled “Now in Stereo” is available for download at their Bandcamp page for €5 EUR and it received several positive reviews. The band now is in a viral promotion assault introducing their upcoming second album and its leading single, “Woman” is available for free download at The Mono Jacks – Official Site.
Their catchy, radio-friendly, quite British taste-like post-rock/alternative pop music have the potential to topping the charts easily. In this actual promotional operation it might be a good idea to give also their debut album away on “name your price” basics, although €5 EUR is a correct price and you will receive also two bonus remixes by The Pixels and Alien Pimp. Read more The Mono Jacks – Woman video single and free download

Alfa Matrix 10th anniversary compilation free download on Facebook

Head now for and give a like to get it for free ! 34 tracks from exciting electro artist such as PSY’AVIAH, STRAY, VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS, MALAKWA, 32CRASH, HALO IN REVERSE, I:SCINTILLA, IMPLANT feat. LEAETHER STRIP, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, UNTER NULL, ALIEN VAMPIRES and many more will set your loudspeakers (and the dancefloor) on fire.
Alfa Matrix is a Belgian record label. Founded in 2001, the label releases various musical styles including aggrotech, dark elektro, synthpop and electronica. Based in Brussels, the label consists of label and artists manager Séba Dolimont, promo manager Bernard Van Isacker and head of design Benoît Blanchart. Read more Alfa Matrix 10th anniversary compilation free download on Facebook

Dirk Geiger – Second Life (2011)

Second life… half life… ain’t life at all? Difficult to be extremely precise, we’re living kind of interesting times and well, interesting is also the music of Dirk Geiger and this collection of remixes by 14 talented electronic artists, so this is quite an opportunity and we’ve got both: the interesting universe of Geiger, but also the reinterpretation of some fellow electronic artists. Even further, you can download also for free – “name your price” (I’m priceless! 😀 ) – this release from the Tympanik Audio’s official web site.
Geiger’s world is gloomy and contorted, subtle dark layers and distorted glitcherings are bring to the surface a dark, but pulsing universe. This is a post-industrial area of the music filled with cinematic soundscapes, post-psychedelia and percussive noises, a world of modern isolation and cold desperation. Still, Geiger is full of colors and life, he’s music is intelligently build and subtly driven, groovy and vibeful merging of hard and smooth counterparts. Read more Dirk Geiger – Second Life (2011)