The Atomic Bomb Audition – How to Dismantle a U2 (2012)

The key to this is – as they defined their own music -: “psychedlic soundtracks for films that don’t exist”. Under this funny and cleverly inspired album title they offer a collection of enclosed materials which represents all phases of the band, digging back till 2006 and the “Eleven Theatres” era. Also got the cover of “Laura’s Theme” from the famous “Twin Peaks” soundtrack which fits right in in the atmosphere and vibe of this release and reflects quite precisely the (mainly) gloomy and ghosty style of the band.
Released on 1st January 2012, and free of charge (“name your price”) on their Bandcamp page, this is a nice gift and a great opportunity to get know this band and their music.

The Atomic Bomb Audition was formed in 2004, in Oakland. Their compositions are heavily influenced by film music, doom metal, and psychedelic textures. Their debut album “Eleven Theatres” (2006) was released in conjunction with Hector Stentor Records and received positive reviews for its complex, yet emotional pieces that naturally traversed genre. “Light Will Remain” saw the light of day in 2008 and it’s a 20′ song suites, peaks and valleys of hooky melodies and dramatic build-ups that recall the side-long journeys of vintage Pink Floyd, only with more metallic heft.
“Roots Into The See” was released in 2011 and as they declare it’s their “most emotionally wrenching and carefully crafted psych metal constructions yet.”

“How to Dismantle a U2” gives us a nice and pretty clear picture of their tripy, smoothly textured and psychedelically spiced music, quite gloomy, but simultaneously extremely soulful, glowing and beautiful, kind of touchy.
The shadow of Pink Floyd is there (“Echoes”), like the pulsing theme of “Three Sevens (for Joyce)” and the inspired take on “Laura’s Theme”, this is a joyful journey and an extremely pleasant audition. A lovely walk on the darkside which it’s not so dark after all. 🙂

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