Echancrure – Paysage. Octobre. (2011)

This is a dream. Or a trip through some sonic landscapes colored by hopes, dreams, fears, nightmares and eventually some kind of desperate searching and self-searching, ultimately a need for communication and definitively a gloomy, but quite spiritual way to express feelings. And once again, in a world more and more isolated and alienated, feelings and communication are so goddamn rare. This might be a movie without imagines, or just simply a passage to a kind of intimate, hidden place where our ghosts are dancing in some soulful ritual fire. Symbolism melt into mystery, grotesque and vivid melancholy collide into one and the result are eight “Untitled” tracks which overcome and defied genres.
“Yours for free”, or “Pay as much as you want” is the best way to spread this kind of experimental, gloomy, “unfriendly” music.

Strangely, “Landscape. October.” have it’s charm, although, this journey is quite a macabre one. Drone and Doom, classical and Jazz-influenced moments, from minimalist experiments to industrial like-distortions and all kind of other styles are melted and boiled into this almost forty minutes of… experiment.
Definitively interesting, eventually need some more time to… bake, to grow to its full potential, mellow and taste.
It’s something different, something interesting.

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