Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Wall Of The Eyeless Through Emptiness [Demo] 2011 Knowing how damn hard it is to independently promote your music in this bought-up and sold-out world, I want to bring to your attention this release before the year it’s over. No electronic shits and dubstep infusions, no “metalcore”, no fake heaviness, but sparking originality and true to the bone Metal as rarely we can listen lately. And even further, this band is formed by two extremely young, 21, respectively 18 year old, but talented and gifted guys. The future of Metal sounds brighter and thunderous now! The old school is the new school!!
Genuine, raw sounding, but complex and technical Death/Black Metal mixture with roots back to classic and Neo-Progressive Heavy Metal and interesting switches from bone cutter distorted riffs to sensitive acoustic breakdowns, Wall Of The Eyeless delivered a quality debut recording, a hell of a demo and very promising promo. And they actually managed to write 4 songs and not only a boring, noisy series of themes and boring cliches.
They promising a second demo for 2013, but actually I hope they will deliver a debut album recorded in a proper studio with the benefits of the proper production. So, it’s up to you if to pay for the download or not, but if you think it’s good, please support the band, I believe they deserve it.
You can also purchase the CD release – jewel case with a 8-page booklet with info, drawings, lyrics and photos at Bigcartel.comRead more Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Tangent Transmission – Pull, EP (2011)

Tangent-Transission-Pull-EP-2011 Some bands are coming out of the blue and breaking all the rules and conventions, and delivering what we should simply call “the real thing”. Music. Not conveniences. Not consumables. Not that predictable boom-boom, bang-bang what we use to upload in our mp3 players to cover the urban background noises and isolate ourselves from all the others and the rest of the world. No. It’s definitively something it’s very wrong whit this species.
But this isn’t everything. If a really-really good, to the bone creative and ground breaking band surface the scene, mainly they will come and go unnoticed and will disappear in the media trash. People love products, prefabs, love the s*it nicely packed in cellophane, love Lady GaGa because she’s so eccentric! And we love any other bitches, any other freaks and any other fake and fabricated star the industry and media deliver to us as “the real thing”, but never, never, never, the real thing.
The real thing it’s weird, unusual, not easy to assimilate, hard to compare and impassible to label, to fit into a box.
Although they manage to infiltrate one episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” and had a song placement in the documentary “h2indo”, Tangent Transmission it’s still mainly remains completely an unknown band.
They also were awarded with the Artist of the Year in the All Indie Magazine music awards last year. And they really deserve it! Read more Tangent Transmission – Pull, EP (2011)

flames, veils and desire

What remains in the shadow or covered always will be much more exciting and intriguing than what it’s obviously visible. A twist of secret will rise our curiosity, isn’t it?
Depictions of a sexual nature are as old as civilization with depictions such as the Venus figurines existing since prehistoric times. Now days more than 70% of men from 18 to 34 visit one, more or less pornographic site in an average month. According to compiled numbers from respected news and research organizations, every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. In that same second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. But the internet still is not the most popular form of getting pornography.
Pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject, but still, I think the mystery is much more exciting. Read more flames, veils and desire

Let’s Murder the Moder Arts

Cut the crap and be brutally honest: modern generally speaking means quite tasteless or even worst. That’s a fact. Art is not about express yourself anymore, but about kissing asses to cash in eventually. It helps if you’re mindlessly gay or at least bisexual, if you have at least a Jewish promoter and – most of all – if you don’t have a clue what you’re talking, singing, painting, writing and generally, doing about. It’s better to be black, Hispanic or from China, Caucasian is so fuckin’ boring and ordinary! You need – it’s hopelessly mandatory – Facebook, Twitter and… Botox.
My name is… Picasso. Let’s Murder the Modern Arts! Read more Let’s Murder the Moder Arts

Atomik Clocks – Magdan in Charleroi (2011)

Literally mind-blowing Funk, some pumping Punk energy and pounding Rock attitude, Atomik Clocks delivering a quite refreshing mixture of Jazz, Funk and Rock, merging the spirit of free, improvised music with the power and weight of experimental spiced, Progressive Rock, eventually reminds me of Morphine.
“Magdan in Charleroi”, their first full-length release is available as digital download for only €3 on their official Bandcamp page, and definitively it worth every single penny of it!!
We’ve got 10 groovy, sometimes pretty Psychedelic taste-like, experimental, but not pointlessly abstract songs, an exciting mixture of styles and approaches, the saxophone playing the main role, but the killer funky bass is equally present while the drums offers the solid bases for these sonic jams. Read more Atomik Clocks – Magdan in Charleroi (2011)

With the Pieces – Lights Resolve Remix Contest

If the music industry wouldn’t killed me with the dumping and overdose of mediocre products last year, more aggressively then ever, “Feel You’re Different”, the debut album of this NY based trio, definitively would made it to the list of my favorite albums of 2011. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance last year to listen it, fortunately I have it now. Indaba and (probably) the band offered their track “With the Pieces” to be remixed. The first thing which stroked me was the excellent sound. Produced/engineered/mixed by Mike Sapone and mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta, the track – and the album – sounds awesome! Intense and clean, groovy and cutting, really-really rocks! The song is also great, have some killer verses, pounding drums, a murderous bass-line and huge vocals. Honestly and… actually I did not felt like it need to be remixed at all. But! Read more With the Pieces – Lights Resolve Remix Contest

M. Fallan – Contagious (2011)

This is the debut album by Parisian M. Fallan. His music reminds me of Sigur Rós, but also some veterans as Tuxedomoon. Taking off from gentle acoustic up to noise explosions right in your face, M. Fallen delivering a tumultuous, contorted trip, still subtle and beautifully layered.
It’s the kind of music which hypnotize you slowly, tie you down and eventually never release you again.
10 tracks, a joyful and gentle, but simultaneously dark and sometimes furiously raging search for answers, feelings, for light, for escape and not at least for ourselves. If you like pianos and screaming guitars, minimalist arrangement, acoustic moments, but also noisy eruptions and contorted grooves, M. Fallan will deliver all his feelings and thoughts merged into this collection of colorful songs and definitively will charm you. This is quite…. contagious. Read more M. Fallan – Contagious (2011)