Mechina – Xenon (2014)

Mechina - Xenon (2014)

Mechina - Xenon (2014) Released on the first day of 2014, “Xenon” is the fifth and the brand new symphonic-cyber-metal album of this Chicago based experimental, futuristic metal horde. For Fear Factory fans and followers, Mechina might be just on spot and “Xenon” the perfect year starter.
Dave Holch – Vocals, Joe Tiberi – Guitar, Steve Amarantos – Bass, and Dan Anderson – Drums delivered five albums in five years, which is a pretty intense agenda for any band. “Xenon” pick up where “Phedra” left off last November and the melange of electronic layers, orchestral/symphonic layers and the contorted and furious metal riffings work perfectly. This is a very dynamic and technically flawless mixture of different elements and styles. Based on industrial fueled death metal, the symphonic pads and electronic layers create an unique vibe and tension while the intensity of the music reaches explosively high levels throughout the album. There is no dead moments, meaningless fills in “Xenon”, just pure intensity and grinding throughout. Read more Mechina – Xenon (2014)

Hate – Solarflesh (2013)

Hate - Solarflesh (2013) Considered as one of the leading extreme metal acts coming from Poland, Hate are back with their 8th – and probably deadliest – studio album. This is a masterpiece of dark power and absolute aggression, a perfect blending of their ambient and industrial fueled black metal and the chainsaw ferocious death/thrash metal. “Solarflesh” seems conceived and inspired by the same wicked God who breathed life into monsters like “South of Heaven” and “Seasons in the Abyss”. This album it’s brilliant and brutal just like those pillars of metal delivered by Slayer. “Solarflesh” it’s merciless, atmospheric, brutal, hypnotizing and addictive like any other vice or joyful sin.
After the atmospheric, incantation-like intro of “Watchful Eye Of Doom”, “Eternal Might” it’s intense, brutally grinding and memorable like any of the Slayer anthems from the South/Season era. The guitar riffs and solos are impeccable while the vocals are blood spitting deadly growls. Just a perfect way to rip your head off right from the beginning!! Read more Hate – Solarflesh (2013)

Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Wall Of The Eyeless Through Emptiness [Demo] 2011 Knowing how damn hard it is to independently promote your music in this bought-up and sold-out world, I want to bring to your attention this release before the year it’s over. No electronic shits and dubstep infusions, no “metalcore”, no fake heaviness, but sparking originality and true to the bone Metal as rarely we can listen lately. And even further, this band is formed by two extremely young, 21, respectively 18 year old, but talented and gifted guys. The future of Metal sounds brighter and thunderous now! The old school is the new school!!
Genuine, raw sounding, but complex and technical Death/Black Metal mixture with roots back to classic and Neo-Progressive Heavy Metal and interesting switches from bone cutter distorted riffs to sensitive acoustic breakdowns, Wall Of The Eyeless delivered a quality debut recording, a hell of a demo and very promising promo. And they actually managed to write 4 songs and not only a boring, noisy series of themes and boring cliches.
They promising a second demo for 2013, but actually I hope they will deliver a debut album recorded in a proper studio with the benefits of the proper production. So, it’s up to you if to pay for the download or not, but if you think it’s good, please support the band, I believe they deserve it.
You can also purchase the CD release – jewel case with a 8-page booklet with info, drawings, lyrics and photos at Bigcartel.comRead more Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Soul Sacrifice – Carpe Mortem (2012)

I’m not a regular Death Metal consumer, but I spotted out Soul Sacrifice because they are a Turkish band and on one hand I enjoyed my time spent in Turkey, just as I love several extremely creative Turkish bands such as maNga and Duman. So, I expected that Soul Sacrifice will introduce more Oriental/Turkish inflections, aromas, at least on the level of Nervecell, or even more. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, “Cape Mortem” is a honest, heavy, but almost classical Metal album with solid Death Metal roots and a groovy mixture of complex and melodious, brutal and technical elements.
If you like the modern Swedish Death Metal sound trademarked by bands such as In Flames and Soilwork, Soul Sacrifice it’s definitively speaking your language.
Soul Sacrifice is a four-piece Turkish Metal band from Istanbul and it was formed back in 1997. In 2003 they solidify their current line up and two years later they record and release their full length debut album, “Stranded Hate”. Read more Soul Sacrifice – Carpe Mortem (2012)