Soul Sacrifice – Carpe Mortem (2012)

I’m not a regular Death Metal consumer, but I spotted out Soul Sacrifice because they are a Turkish band and on one hand I enjoyed my time spent in Turkey, just as I love several extremely creative Turkish bands such as maNga and Duman. So, I expected that Soul Sacrifice will introduce more Oriental/Turkish inflections, aromas, at least on the level of Nervecell, or even more. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, “Cape Mortem” is a honest, heavy, but almost classical Metal album with solid Death Metal roots and a groovy mixture of complex and melodious, brutal and technical elements.
If you like the modern Swedish Death Metal sound trademarked by bands such as In Flames and Soilwork, Soul Sacrifice it’s definitively speaking your language.
Soul Sacrifice is a four-piece Turkish Metal band from Istanbul and it was formed back in 1997. In 2003 they solidify their current line up and two years later they record and release their full length debut album, “Stranded Hate”.

The band further secured themselves the moniker as “The Most Successful Live Band In Turkey”, as they played over 80 high profile shows and concerts over the last decade; more than any other Turkish artist in the last decade.
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swano, “Carpe Mortem” it’s one of the best heavy weight Metal products of the year which sounds like a deadly collision of Kreator and Godsmack.


01. Requiem (1:58)
02. Bullet Proof (4:00)
03. Comatose (5:08)
04. O.L.B. (4:52)
05. Keşke (4:33)
06. Fly Forever (5:10)
07. Killing For Society (4:13)
08. Torture My Soul (4:14)
09. Carpe Mortem (2:27)
10. Sarcastic Existence (4:32)
11. Exile (5:30)

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