Mechina – Xenon (2014)

Mechina - Xenon (2014)

Mechina - Xenon (2014) Released on the first day of 2014, “Xenon” is the fifth and the brand new symphonic-cyber-metal album of this Chicago based experimental, futuristic metal horde. For Fear Factory fans and followers, Mechina might be just on spot and “Xenon” the perfect year starter.
Dave Holch – Vocals, Joe Tiberi – Guitar, Steve Amarantos – Bass, and Dan Anderson – Drums delivered five albums in five years, which is a pretty intense agenda for any band. “Xenon” pick up where “Phedra” left off last November and the melange of electronic layers, orchestral/symphonic layers and the contorted and furious metal riffings work perfectly. This is a very dynamic and technically flawless mixture of different elements and styles. Based on industrial fueled death metal, the symphonic pads and electronic layers create an unique vibe and tension while the intensity of the music reaches explosively high levels throughout the album. There is no dead moments, meaningless fills in “Xenon”, just pure intensity and grinding throughout.

The atmosphere might be the keyword of Mechina’s music and “Xenon” it’s both technically and emotionally a killer bomb and a precise inventory of the future metal. Epic!


01. Xenon
02. Alithea
03. Zoticus
04. Terrae
05. Tartarus
06. Phedra
07. Thales
08. Erebus
09. Amyntas
10. Actaeon

Mechina – Official Site
Mechina – Bandcamp
Mechina – Reverbnation


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