eyeswithoutaface – Dead Friends EP (2015)

eyeswithoutaface Dead Friends EP 2015

eyeswithoutaface Dead Friends EP 2015 Released on 11 July 2015, the new EP from the Canadian project eyeswithoutaface brings brutality to the next level. Their rough and contorted mixture of post-industrial electronics with sludge/black/death metal leave the listener without any option, but to love or hate this sonic slaughter. Extreme metal at its best!! Related to Malhavoc, Godflesh and other alike oddities, eyeswithoutaface was formed in 2009 in Toronto, Canada, comprised of current members of Homolka, Kosmograd, John XII, Ancress and more.
They avowed that they are “somewhat inspired by a broad range of artists both within and outside of the doom/sludge, post-industrial, electronic and hip hop genres, and are sometimes compared to artists such as Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, Swans, Red Harvest and Genghis Tron.”
And their music it’s quite complex and disturbing. I wrote about their debut album “Monotoneoteny” back in 2011 and they made it to my list of favorite releases of the year. They have something of their own and they explore musical places where nobody else dared to drift before. Sometimes this make the journey difficult, but keep it exciting throughout. Read more eyeswithoutaface – Dead Friends EP (2015)

Rorcal – Vilagvege (2013)

It’s something wrong with me, or it’s something wrong with the world. I’m on the edge and this seems to be a hard decision, because I can’t make up my mind if I am crazy, or the rest of the world it’s crazy. This new type of post-everything – including the yet unborn/undone – kind of depressive and noisy whatever metal/rock/hardcore it’s murderous. Literally. If you feel good about yourself – accidentally – you will commit suicide anyway after listen into it. It’s kind of conquest who can make you kill yourself first I guess. Who can deliver the most gloomiest and chaotic hurricane of noises. This world it’s full of shit, I know, people are full of shit, I know that too, but you don’t have to remind me this constantly. I know!
Apocalypse? Perhaps. Definitively it’s something very wrong with this species and it deserves to parish. But man, I’m a sentimental old fool, I love a good cup of vine, I love to watch a beautiful sunrise, well, I love to f*ck, and I love to listen music. Among a few other things. I’m 43 years old, listening music for all my life and do some music by my own and with several bands for more then two decades now. I’m kind of alarmed that one of the best albums I had listen lately was “People, Hell & Angels”, a posthumous album of Jimi Hendrix with recordings from sessions in 1968 and ’69.
And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hippie or something!! I love down-tuned guitars as well as extreme metal. If it makes any sense. Read more Rorcal – Vilagvege (2013)

Hate – Solarflesh (2013)

Hate - Solarflesh (2013) Considered as one of the leading extreme metal acts coming from Poland, Hate are back with their 8th – and probably deadliest – studio album. This is a masterpiece of dark power and absolute aggression, a perfect blending of their ambient and industrial fueled black metal and the chainsaw ferocious death/thrash metal. “Solarflesh” seems conceived and inspired by the same wicked God who breathed life into monsters like “South of Heaven” and “Seasons in the Abyss”. This album it’s brilliant and brutal just like those pillars of metal delivered by Slayer. “Solarflesh” it’s merciless, atmospheric, brutal, hypnotizing and addictive like any other vice or joyful sin.
After the atmospheric, incantation-like intro of “Watchful Eye Of Doom”, “Eternal Might” it’s intense, brutally grinding and memorable like any of the Slayer anthems from the South/Season era. The guitar riffs and solos are impeccable while the vocals are blood spitting deadly growls. Just a perfect way to rip your head off right from the beginning!! Read more Hate – Solarflesh (2013)