Rorcal – Vilagvege (2013)

It’s something wrong with me, or it’s something wrong with the world. I’m on the edge and this seems to be a hard decision, because I can’t make up my mind if I am crazy, or the rest of the world it’s crazy. This new type of post-everything – including the yet unborn/undone – kind of depressive and noisy whatever metal/rock/hardcore it’s murderous. Literally. If you feel good about yourself – accidentally – you will commit suicide anyway after listen into it. It’s kind of conquest who can make you kill yourself first I guess. Who can deliver the most gloomiest and chaotic hurricane of noises. This world it’s full of shit, I know, people are full of shit, I know that too, but you don’t have to remind me this constantly. I know!
Apocalypse? Perhaps. Definitively it’s something very wrong with this species and it deserves to parish. But man, I’m a sentimental old fool, I love a good cup of vine, I love to watch a beautiful sunrise, well, I love to f*ck, and I love to listen music. Among a few other things. I’m 43 years old, listening music for all my life and do some music by my own and with several bands for more then two decades now. I’m kind of alarmed that one of the best albums I had listen lately was “People, Hell & Angels”, a posthumous album of Jimi Hendrix with recordings from sessions in 1968 and ’69.
And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hippie or something!! I love down-tuned guitars as well as extreme metal. If it makes any sense.
You know, back in the days music was about listening pleasure. Now the whole point seems to be to do the most enervating and noisiest, gloomiest, depressive, fastest – or slowest thing and… so what?! Man, I wanna hear songs, I wanna hear good fucking riffs, I want to remember melodies and eventually sing-a-long from time to time a chorus which means something.
Napalm Death (and a couple of other bands afterward) do the most extreme experiments in the mid 80’s already, it was new and exciting back then, but it was only an experiment. Repeat the experiment again and again will only kill its spirit and prove kind of lack of originality and vision.
The idea of “Világvége” (end of the world in Hungarian) it’s interesting and although the music it’s completely unbearable for my nervous system, I have to admit, they did a very expressive job, it’s really sounds like the end of the world. I wasn’t able to listen the whole album and I probably never will. I couldn’t, sorry! Life it’s too short to suffering and torture my own self throughout voluntarily. But some, definitively will appreciate it and after all, diversity it’s the most beautiful thing in this world!!

“Világvége, Armageddon, Fin du monde, Weltuntergang, Apocalypse, Ragnarök… No matter the language or origin, the ‘End of the World’ has always been a huge theme of discord since men were born.”

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