Hate – Solarflesh (2013)

Hate - Solarflesh (2013) Considered as one of the leading extreme metal acts coming from Poland, Hate are back with their 8th – and probably deadliest – studio album. This is a masterpiece of dark power and absolute aggression, a perfect blending of their ambient and industrial fueled black metal and the chainsaw ferocious death/thrash metal. “Solarflesh” seems conceived and inspired by the same wicked God who breathed life into monsters like “South of Heaven” and “Seasons in the Abyss”. This album it’s brilliant and brutal just like those pillars of metal delivered by Slayer. “Solarflesh” it’s merciless, atmospheric, brutal, hypnotizing and addictive like any other vice or joyful sin.
After the atmospheric, incantation-like intro of “Watchful Eye Of Doom”, “Eternal Might” it’s intense, brutally grinding and memorable like any of the Slayer anthems from the South/Season era. The guitar riffs and solos are impeccable while the vocals are blood spitting deadly growls. Just a perfect way to rip your head off right from the beginning!!

“Alchemy Of Blood” won’t let you take a break, won’t let you even breath. The same evil spirit fuel this wicked, demonic anthem, brutal riffs, precise and furious beats, malefic vocals. And surprisingly, things getting only better, faster! “Timeless Kingdom” it’s like one of the most brutal Kreator grindings from their glorious era. It’s not a song, but a butchery!
“Festival Of Slaves” it’s a Morbid Angel/Sepultura taste-like sonic assault, powerful riffs and extreme intensity will grind the listener into the ground. ATF Sinner explains the concept: “Enslavement.. yes, we all know it or at least feel it. In today’s world we like to think we are free and have full control over our lives. Nothing but illusion. One is a slave to one’s viewpoint, false convictions, religion, tradition, the system one lives in and other (equally enslaved) ppl. One needs to look for enlightenment to find the true meaning of life.”
It seems “Sadness will last forever” were the last words of Vincent van Gogh after he apparently shot himself. The dark subject of suicide and violent death perfume with its gloomy and brutality this dark and intense grinding. Slower, but extremely heavy, this is another killer epic.

“Solarflesh” revels new dimensions of brutality and magically sneak into the butchery some sticky melodies and memorable guitar themes and riffs. This sense for harmonies, melodies, among the intensity and brutality it’s the key to create unforgettable songs. Also the guitar solos are absolutely brilliant throughout the album!
“Endless Purity” it’s a technical, twisted grooved, modern and extreme metal massacre with some sick riffs and breaks. Have a kind of Sepultura/Soulfly spirit, fucking awesome!!
“Mesmerized” it’s the final stab, the last stroke of the axe, a modern and dark, brutal and galloping track with the exotic contribution of the Greece singer, Androniki Skoula, which gives a kind of Paradise Lost “Gothic” taste to the track. Great closing of a brilliant, flawless album!! This is already a classic, one of the best releases of 2013, but generally, a brutal and brilliant metal masterpiece!!

The limited edition features three same intense and merciless tracks, no fills, but same high quality, total grindings: “Hatehammer”, “Venom”, and “Fall Of All Icons”. I love the most, the atmospheric and industrial perfumed “Venom” and the same sick “Fall Of All Icons”.

HATE’s line-up:
ATF Sinner – guit, voc.
Destroyer – guit.
Hexen – drums
Mortifer – bass

Commented HATE guitarist/vocalist Adam “ATF Sinner” Buszko: “I believe ‘Solarflesh’ is the most insane and haunting record we’ve done thus far. It’s nothing but pure darkness… We’re extremely satisfied with this 61-minute monster (12 songs) that we’ve put to life. Now we’re working on a documentary about creation of ‘Solarflesh’, its ideological sides, the band’s history, touring etc. It’s going to be much more than just a studio report. We want it to be an in-depth interview revealing some unknown facts, hidden meanings etc. I’m sure people will find it interesting.”
Buszko previously stated about “Solarflesh”: “On this album we definitely explore new territories and push the boundaries of this beautiful and sick genre to its absolute limits! The material contains 12 collages. Most of them are insanely fast (270 bpm). Others are groovy, trance-like mantras that seem to haunt you forever. They all have rich background of samples and other elements that make them sound multidimensional. We also have several dark, ambient compositions that seem like complete avantgarde. I’ve been working on them with Michal Staczkun, the guy who did excellent job on our previous album, ‘Erebos’. We are also working on a few songs with Androniki Skoula, a singer from Greece, known for her involvement in the band CHAOSTAR, as well as collaboration with SEPTICFLESH and ROTTING CHRIST. She’s adding some ‘Hellenic’ flair to the songs that makes them even more elaborate.”

Official Bio:
HATE started in 1990 as four-piece playing straight uncompromising death metal, which later developed into a more elaborate form containing industrial and ambient elements as well as distinct black metal influences. In the first half of the nineties, HATE issued several demos (Abhorrence – 1992, Evil Art – 1994, The Unwritten Law – 1995) before releasing their first full-length record – “Daemon Qui Fecit Terram” in 1996 on a Polish label Vox Mortiis. The record demonstrated great potential of the group, presenting ferocious death metal with obvious influences from American acts like Morbid Angel and Deicide. Two years later HATE released another album titled “Lord Is Avenger” (1998), which is considered as highlight in their early years. It was the group’s first material distributed outside their native homeland of Poland. The next record “Cain’s Way” (2000) showed further development of the band and gained good reviews in the metal press. The album had also its premiere in the USA on World War III/Mercenary Musik, but poor distribution and promotion made it a relatively unknown record.
The first breakthrough in the band’s career came along with signing a record deal with French-based label – Listenable Records in 2002. One year later HATE released their highly acclaimed album “Awakening of the Liar” (2003), which is considered the essence of the band’s early style. The material demonstrated so-called Polish death metal at its best and gained the band rave reviews in the metal press. A year later HATE recorded their first official audio-visual material – a DVD titled “The Litanies of Satan”, which had its worldwide premiere on Metal Mind Productions (2004). It was the moment when the band’s style gained new musical characteristics and a kind of black metal vibe. This was fully developed on the next album “Anaclasis – A Haunting Gospel Of Malice & Hatred” (2005), which no longer presented traditional death metal, but ingenious combination of death and black metal with distinct industrial influences. The album’s fierce brutality and innovative approach constitued HATE’s new style. “Anaclasis” got great reviews in almost every metal magazine across Europe, and was highly acclaimed among metal fans.
In 2006 the band hit the road supporting Carpathian Forest and Keep of Kalessin on their European tour, and performed on a few prestigious live events such as Party.San Open Air and Winter Assault.
Supporting their countrymen Decapitated, the band once again went on a European raid, and soon their after, HATE invaded 10 major cities on their headlining tour in Russia. In January 2008 the next album “Morphosis” had its worldwide premiere – again on Listenable Records. It showed fast development of the band’s style as well as the production part. The record was a logical follow-up to “Anaclasis”, but sounded more massive, varied and again – innovative. This also marked the point in their career when HATE received offers to play at numerous festivals throughtout Europe, such as such as Metalcamp, Neurotic Death Fest, Brutal Assault, Screamfest, Metal Mean, Summer Breeze etc.
In May 2008, HATE recorded their first official video-clip for the song “Threnody” which was shot in a real coal mine in Silesia/Poland. The band hit the road again in February of 2009, and for the first time they were headlining a European tour on their own. The same year HATE also invaded Brazil to headline a few shows, and soon afterwords toured Europe again in company of Blood Red Throne. In november 2009, the band visited Mexico for the first time to headline 9 concerts. Throughout all that, the musicians already started writing new material which was planned to be recorded later the same year. In January 2010 the unstoppable force of HATE went on another rewarding tour, this time accompanying Incantation on a long series of shows across Europe. And only a few months later the band flew across the Atlantic to play their first ever US tour, supporting Hypocrisy and Scar Symmetry.
Just a few days after arriving back in Poland, the musicians entered Hertz Studio in Bialystok to start recording their next album titled “EREBOS”. This new masterpiece was completed in only five weeks’ time and promises to be the strongest HATE album thus far. Ferocious, challenging, complex, varied, innovative, and extremely well-produced – EREBOS – is HATE in full-swing! The album is set to be released in Europe in November 2010, and in the USA in January 2011 as an extended version containing a few additional live tracks. Once again, supporting Decapitated, HATE will venture on a tour through Poland in October of 2010. In November, the band will tour Russia and Ukraine, and plans to return to North America in early 2011 are well under way. Until then prepare to HATE and “Taste my Blood From a Thousand Cuts”!
Napalm Records has set a February 5, 2013 North American release date for “Solarflesh”. It was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw with Filip “Heinrich” Halucha (VESANIA, DECAPITATED) and Arek “Malta” Malczewski (BEHEMOTH’s sound guy). The CD was mixed at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (DECAPITATED, VADER).

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