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If the music industry wouldn’t killed me with the dumping and overdose of mediocre products last year, more aggressively then ever, “Feel You’re Different”, the debut album of this NY based trio, definitively would made it to the list of my favorite albums of 2011. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance last year to listen it, fortunately I have it now. Indaba and (probably) the band offered their track “With the Pieces” to be remixed. The first thing which stroked me was the excellent sound. Produced/engineered/mixed by Mike Sapone and mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta, the track – and the album – sounds awesome! Intense and clean, groovy and cutting, really-really rocks! The song is also great, have some killer verses, pounding drums, a murderous bass-line and huge vocals. Honestly and… actually I did not felt like it need to be remixed at all. But!

I re-arranged the track a little-bit, make some small changes in its structure and build-up, added some nervous synths and wobbling basses, and not at least some good-old fashioned distortions. I make it sound a rawer and heavier, but tried not to mess it up too badly… 😆
Hope you’re gonna bang on this!

Listen and if you like, please don’t forget to vote for my remix!

The band now released a special limited vinyl edition in 4 different color options, and a very special DELUXE edition.
Lights Resolve consists of Matthew Reich (vocals/guitar), Neal Saini (drums) and Luke Daniels (bass/vocals) and it was formed in New York in 2006. Rolling Stone magazine has named them a Breakout Band in 2009 stating that they encompass “the theatrics and power of Muse mixed with the New York flavor of bands like the Bravery.” They has played shows and toured with multi-platinum recording artists such as The Used, Panic! at the Disco, Shiny Toy Guns, Dashboard Confessional, Phantom Planet, Straylight Run, We The Kings and Yellowcard. They also performed at many festivals in 2009 including The Bamboozle, SXSW, CMJ and Warped Tour.
Lights Resolve was signed to Rock Ridge Music in 2011 and their album, “Feel You’re Different” was released on 25 October, 2011.

Lights Resolve – Feel You’re Different (2011)


01. Happens Every Day
02. With the Pieces
03. Get Away With It
04. My Gemini
05. Misfire
06. Sew It Up
07. Rhapsodize
08. Hurt a Little
09. Stick ‘Em Up
10. HIPS
11. Another Five Days

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Probably one of the best Alternative Rock albums of 2011!

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