Frank Palangi – EP (2011)

Maybe the time is right for a new John Bongiovi for a brand new generation. Rock solid and catchy, Frank Palangi merge kick ass rock energy and soulful melodies only to deliver modern, powerful and catchy rock songs, possible anthems of a new age. Gifted with a powerful voice and the fire of creation, armed with raw ambition, Palangi seems to be determined to conquer the world.
Recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Rogers Masson and the Grammy nominated rock band “Day of Fire” to backup Frank. In music center of the world, Nashville, TN at Soundstage Studios. Frank has written, performed, and co-produced this material and it was mastered by Rogers Masson and multi-Grammy Award winner Gavin Lurssen.

Rogers says, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land, and along with the vocal guidance of singer Josh Brown, Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing.” The five songs – “I’m Waiting”, “Drivin These Lines”, “Love”, “It’s All Right” and “Remembrance” – are a perfect blending of modern, powerful post-rock sounds and soulful, eventually deeper and smoother, mainstream rock flavors.
Imagine a blending of Nickelback and Godsmack and you will get pretty close to the universe build up by Palangi. And actually this is a vibrating, soulful world made of colorful thoughts and darker shades, smartly balanced and arranged into beautiful songs.

In 2012, Frank heads to the studio again with new single with record producer Rob Coates and his team in Nashville, TN unveiling the title called “I Am Ready”. Frank has written, and co-produced this material which moves him toward that mainstream audience style and sound. Assisting on the track, former drummer of the rock band Pillar, Lester Estelle. Coates mixed/mastered the album at LabelMixStudios. Frank executive produced the single as well and proves to be a statement in his career.
Looking forward to listen his debut album.

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