Dirk Geiger – Second Life (2011)

Second life… half life… ain’t life at all? Difficult to be extremely precise, we’re living kind of interesting times and well, interesting is also the music of Dirk Geiger and this collection of remixes by 14 talented electronic artists, so this is quite an opportunity and we’ve got both: the interesting universe of Geiger, but also the reinterpretation of some fellow electronic artists. Even further, you can download also for free – “name your price” (I’m priceless! 😀 ) – this release from the Tympanik Audio’s official web site.
Geiger’s world is gloomy and contorted, subtle dark layers and distorted glitcherings are bring to the surface a dark, but pulsing universe. This is a post-industrial area of the music filled with cinematic soundscapes, post-psychedelia and percussive noises, a world of modern isolation and cold desperation. Still, Geiger is full of colors and life, he’s music is intelligently build and subtly driven, groovy and vibeful merging of hard and smooth counterparts.

Tympanik Audio is a Chicago-based electronic music label established in 2007 by music journalist and DJ Paul Nielsen as a vehicle to promote innovative new artists in the electronic music subculture.
Home to many forward-thinking talents including Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Stendeck, ESA, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Broken Fabiola, Integral, Geomatic, Flint Glass, Haujobb, Erode, Normoto, etc.

Dirk Geiger – Official Site
Dirk Geiger @ Soundcloud
Dirk Geiger @ Facebook
Raumklang Music Records – Official Site
Tympanik Audio – Official Site
Tympanik Audio @ Bandcamp

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