Jennifer Lo-Fi – Noia (2011)

“Troffea” starts as an indie fueled jazz song, complex rhythmic constructions, powerful vocals and smooth guitar works build up an interesting, but dizzy song. Jennifer Lo-Fi? Inspired and catchy name for a newcomer band.
“Neveo” follows in a more conventional manner, if we can admit as conventional a mixture of power pop and indie rock aromas and psychedelic rock resonances with some tasty Brazilian spices. “Ovos” starts as a rock ballad with indie, blues and jazz infusions, they simply shifting from one thing to another, playing tight, energy full and from smooth and hypnotic themes they get violently hardcore. Impressive. And the best is yet to come.

The closing “Bacon” is a trip back to a kind of mystical progressive/psychedelic rock exorcism with roots back to the 70s. Delightful and strong, makes you listening the whole thing once again. Great vibe, some charming grooves and colorful music, Jennifer Lo-Fi definitively is a name to remember and looking for.

Jennifer Lo-Fi is a fruit that was born in the great tree of the Internet. Four musicians met in the pages of MySpace, decided to leave a little of their individuality and started a project that goes beyond the virtual. Today, the idea is more real than ever. The band emerged in April 2008 and, despite little time and they met the first test, we can not say that a fruit is still green, because the members (Sabine, Carl Philip and Lucca) were already mature in the ways that traveled alone.
Sabine, gained prominence in the MySpace pages of his recordings with voice and guitar. Philip “Miu” the band worked for a man only when he created the amazing Fragile Arm. Meanwhile, Carl and Lucca abused an experimental sound with the band [Art]. Ficial. This combination of styles, influences and experiences resulted in an original design and pleasant sound, which ranges from soft melodies to sound striking the post rock.
The band back in his musical baggage names like Cat Power, The Mars Volta, Belle & Sebastian, Sigur Ros and Sonic Youth. This mixture of influences is evident in songs like “Michael Kane” and “The Bear On Its Cavern”, where the group has all its musical diversity, creating songs that traverse the extreme sound. All in all, Jennifer Lo-Fi is the union of four minds with a common goal, making good music. (Official Bio)

Jennifer Lo-Fi @ MySpace
Jennifer Lo-Fi @ Bandcamp

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