PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz – KILLmatic (2014)

PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz - KILLmatic (2014)

PRoject OxiD & The Demigodz - KILLmatic (2014) Downloadable good shit! For free, 320 kbps on their official site! Korn and Limp Bizkit fans will devour it, but this is a pretty cool mixture of rap-metal and industrial/EDM music, not only Korn and Bizkit fans can give it a shot. And not at least, the album features a pretty impressive list of guest-star featuring from Jonathan Davis from KoRn, Corey Taylor from Slipknot, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God) to Steklo and Memnoir.
Although, this PRoject OxiD’s Remix album of Demigodz’s original Killmatic 2013 album. While they 2009 debut al;bum entitled “Reality” was not a commercial success, you can find all the PRoject OxiD and DJ Make Illusional albums to download for free at 320 kbps at the discography page of their official site.

Love the mixture of sounds, styles and grooves, tracks like “Sulfur” are quite in-erasable once they sneak into your ears. This Bizkit/Korn mixture it’s still cool and intense, much-much better then most of the self-proclaimed alternative metal s*its of the nowadays scene.
Don’t have to steal it, just f*cking download it, share it and play it loud!


01 – Intro
02 – Demigodz is Back (feat. Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God)
03 – Sulfur (feat. Corey Taylor from Slipknot), remix of Demigodz’s 5000 audi song
04 – Rayders Camp (feat. Jonathan Davis from KoRn)
05 – The Summer of Sam
06 – The Fallen Angel (feat. Memnoir)
07 – Tomax Xamot (feat. Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God)
08 – Worst Nightmare (feat. Jonathan Davis from KoRn)
09 – Can’t Fool Me
10 – Caveman’s Liar (feat. Jonathan Davis from KoRn)
11 – Dumb High (feat. Jonathan Davis from KoRn)
12 – Never Take Me Out (feat. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park)
13 – Dead In The Night (feat. Steklo)
14 – Can’t Leave Rap Alone (bonus track)

All right reserved to Demigodz and original writers.

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Turntables, samples, synth, keyboards, mastering – DJ M.I.
PRoduced by DJ M.I.

PRoject Oxid. DJ Make Illusional.
Russian Federation. Nakhodka City. 2014.

PRoject OxiD – Official Site
PRoject OxiD – SoundCloud
PRoject OxiD – VK


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