Josh Money – The Petrine Cross (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Josh Money took his first piano lesson at age 5 and later studied classical composition, guitar, and piano at Macon State. After hearing the music of producer BT, he learned that his true passion was producing behind a computer. With indie film and video game scoring already under his belt thanks to programs at Full Sail University and an audio engineer position at EA Games, Josh began producing full-time in 2010 out of his home studio in Orlando. Focusing on a darker, heavier side of electronic music, Josh experimented with elements of dubstep, metal, and advanced classical theory. This newer sound caught the ear of veteran UK producer Deekline, who immediately signed Josh’s first dubstep release to Sludge Records. Josh took the EDM world by storm with his single “Let Go With You”, which dominated Beatport’s Dubstep chart, staying at the #2 slot for 6 weeks. After remixing Celldweller’s “I Can’t Wait”, Josh Money has joined Celldweller’s FiXT label to continue his attack on the charts. “The Petrine Cross” is a sick, contorted, noisy, dubstep fueled EBM track. Read more Josh Money – The Petrine Cross (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Douglas J. McCarthy – Kill Your Friends (2013)

Douglas J. McCarthy Killing Your Friends 2013 Nitzer Ebb is a British leading EBM group formed in 1982 by Essex school friends Vaughan “Bon” Harris (programming, synthesizers, drums, vocals), Douglas McCarthy (vocals), and David Gooday (drums). The name of the band was chosen for its harsh, supposedly German sound, although it does not carry any meaning in either English or German. Nitzer Ebb’s ninth and up to date, latest album, “Industrial Complex” was released in 2010.
On February 18th, 2013 will be release “Kill Your Friends”, McCarthy’s highly anticipated debut solo album.
This is a darkly tensioned, mystery fueled, quality EBM/IDM mixture with sounds and resonances back to the 80’s electronic, post-wave and early industrial scene. Read more Douglas J. McCarthy – Kill Your Friends (2013)

Cycler – Polymath (2012)

Cycler is the alias used by Ioan Bârlădeanu when he’s tripping into music. This journey kicked out back in ’97, first influences came from acts such as Kraftwerk, Photek, ZX Spectrum Orchestra, Plaid, Modeselektor, Amon Tobin, Haus Arafna, Yvat, Distance, Brazda lui Novac, but two years later he saw a HBO documentary about “rave parties” and pushed forward by The Prodigy, he split his rebellious spirit between heavy metal and big-beat.
On April 26th ’07 made his main stage debut at the 2nd edition of experimental/electronic underground festival Cybermental at Bucharest followed by several other festivals and gigs along other Romanian artist of the electro scene like Matze, Brazda Lui Novac, Silent Strike, Clock:Divider, Luntaire, etc.
Cycler featured on several releases, the first was along Karsten Hamre (NO) on the project “The Flux Komplex”, and release of the album “Lost Illusions” through Trinity Records, Hong Kong. He also appeared on some compilations: “Diferenta 01” and “The DeviantArt Compilation” in 2008.
The time seems right for his debut album and Raumklang Music released it on March 1st Cycler’s debut album, “Polymath”. And if you enjoyed “Dizzy” , the latest album by Brazda lui Novac, definitively you don’t want to miss this one! Read more Cycler – Polymath (2012)

Venetian Snares – Affectionate (2012)

Four tracks, five bucks, more than fair enough, released on 11 January 2012, on Aaron’s birthday, now 37 years old, Happy Birthday dude, job well done!
More mature, still glitching and delivering noises, but building up intelligent layers and creating moods by melodies and harmonics, Aaron Funk – aka. Venetian Snares – now seems to focusing more on expression then instinct, relaying more on subtle structures then raging noises.
Funk debuted on a record label in 1999 with the 12″ vinyl EP, “Greg Hates Car Culture” and up until 2007, he was very prolific, releasing as many as eight recordings a year. Prefer to call his own style “Surrealism” rather then “eclecticism” – regarding the mixture of different genres, Aaron’s music evolved and the IDM, EBM elements seems to gain lately dominant position while the Drum & Bass, Noise and Breakcore elements are still present and giving life and cutting edge to his creations. Read more Venetian Snares – Affectionate (2012)

Mindless Faith – Just Defy (2012)

Although, as I just find out, this is their fifth album, “Just Defy” is the first album by Mindless Faith I ever listening to. I crashed into Mindless Faith at Indaba Music through the Jane’s Addiction remix competition , competition won by them which actually makes me hate them – although my remix is even darker –  😀 – but, I’m not gonna deny my subjectivity on this issue! 😆
Anyway, it seems they have a solid and substantial fan-base and experience in remixing “business”, delivering several tracks, including remixes for Nine Inch Nails and Front Line Assembly, and they delivering solid, balanced remixes incorporating their dark, deep and pulsing marks on these works. They remixed two Nine Inch Nails songs: “Only” and “The Hand That Feeds” and won a number of radio remix contests, met Trent Reznor as part of one of the prize, who said their remix was “better than some I’ve paid for”.
Mindless Faith find their path of merging industrial rock and EBM, their dark and contorted music honor predecessors such as Ministry, Pigface, KMFDM, Front242, Funker Vogt, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, Nitzer Ebb, Schnitt Acht – just to name few.
“Just Defy” it’s another trip into the dark side and Mindless Faith is an exelent combo delivering soundtracks for this strange times of global turmoil. Read more Mindless Faith – Just Defy (2012)

Alfa Matrix 10th anniversary compilation free download on Facebook

Head now for and give a like to get it for free ! 34 tracks from exciting electro artist such as PSY’AVIAH, STRAY, VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS, MALAKWA, 32CRASH, HALO IN REVERSE, I:SCINTILLA, IMPLANT feat. LEAETHER STRIP, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, UNTER NULL, ALIEN VAMPIRES and many more will set your loudspeakers (and the dancefloor) on fire.
Alfa Matrix is a Belgian record label. Founded in 2001, the label releases various musical styles including aggrotech, dark elektro, synthpop and electronica. Based in Brussels, the label consists of label and artists manager Séba Dolimont, promo manager Bernard Van Isacker and head of design Benoît Blanchart. Read more Alfa Matrix 10th anniversary compilation free download on Facebook

WormZ – Introduction To The System (2011)

Something’s going on in Italy lately, this year I stumble into lot of good stuffs from the peninsula in all kind of genres from rock to harsh electro. WormZ are a duo from Milan and “Introduction To The System” is their most recent production consist of 9 noisy and pumping tracks.
Riko – programming, production, mastering and voice, and Drago – synth, guitar and voice juggling between hard harsh electro noises and classic EBM and techno sounds delivering a crushy and crunchy mixture of intense and high-energy music which definitively sets the clubs on fire.
Harddance, powernoise, name and label it as you please, this is an excellent and explosive mixture of sounds and genres. Read more WormZ – Introduction To The System (2011)

Noisuf-X – Dead End District (2011)

Noisuf-X, the side-project of X-Fusion – German musician, producer & DJ, Jan L. – build an apocalyptic world of out harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and sequences upon simple, linear, even near-monotony tempos and construction alike many other German electro outfits since the pioneer Kraftwerk up to nowadays Atari Teenage Riot.
In 1988, Jan L. began producing music on a Commodore 64 combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. Constantly he upgraded to better equipment and technology evolution, releasing more improved and better productions as technology evolved.
While under the moniker of X-Fusion he’s style of music evolved in the direction of Techno/Acid/House, with Noisuf-X get down on the path of EBM to get to power noise and aggrotech including some breakcore and technoid influences. Read more Noisuf-X – Dead End District (2011)

Malakwa – Street Preacher (2011)

As a new member of the Alfa-Matrix family, Malakwa strikes with their angry, psychotic EBM/industrial, cyber punk from Marseille, South of France. After the tempestuous “Feed the Machine” released in 2008, their second installment, “Street Preacher” erupt more intensely and electrifying.
This version comes as a carton box limited edition of “Street Preacher” and holds a bonus disc with 2 exclusive songs – “Too Young to Die” and “Gimme Danger” – and 9 remixes of “Monster” by label mates: Kant Kino, Implant, Amgod, Psy’Aviah, Ambassador 21, Essence Of Mind, Leg Lifters, Temple Of Nemesys and ESB.
Read more Malakwa – Street Preacher (2011)

Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Rhythm Of Machines (2011)

Die Krupps celebrate 30 years (1981-2011) of “True Work” by a joint European tour with Nitzer Ebb. This is a limited CD and it has been sold exclusively during the “Join In The Rhythm of Machines tour” at the merchandising booth. The CD contains two Nitzer Ebb and two Die Krupps tracks, each re-arranged by the other band. Die Krupps re-worked “On The Road” and “Blood Money” while Nitzer Ebb delivered their versions for “High Tech Low Life” and “To The Hilt”.
Good to remember there were bands doing this three decades ago, good to listen some good-old fashioned EBM/industrial, absolutely classy and with style and taste. And well, pretty good to see them still pumping alive and surprisingly – or not – sometimes they are fresher than many of nowadays “born dead” products… Read more Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Rhythm Of Machines (2011)