WormZ – Introduction To The System (2011)

Something’s going on in Italy lately, this year I stumble into lot of good stuffs from the peninsula in all kind of genres from rock to harsh electro. WormZ are a duo from Milan and “Introduction To The System” is their most recent production consist of 9 noisy and pumping tracks.
Riko – programming, production, mastering and voice, and Drago – synth, guitar and voice juggling between hard harsh electro noises and classic EBM and techno sounds delivering a crushy and crunchy mixture of intense and high-energy music which definitively sets the clubs on fire.
Harddance, powernoise, name and label it as you please, this is an excellent and explosive mixture of sounds and genres.

They say: “We are no more humans, but not yet gods. Through technology we will evolve.” Well, this is a great album to kill your neighbors or blow up the club Saturday night.

01. Introduction To The System
02. Everyone Is Going To Die
03. I Need New Parts
04. Umbrella Corporation
05. We Love Pharmacy
06. Humanz
07. Humanize
08. Bloody Slumber Party Nation
09. Wormz

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