Malakwa – Street Preacher (2011)

As a new member of the Alfa-Matrix family, Malakwa strikes with their angry, psychotic EBM/industrial, cyber punk from Marseille, South of France. After the tempestuous “Feed the Machine” released in 2008, their second installment, “Street Preacher” erupt more intensely and electrifying.
This version comes as a carton box limited edition of “Street Preacher” and holds a bonus disc with 2 exclusive songs – “Too Young to Die” and “Gimme Danger” – and 9 remixes of “Monster” by label mates: Kant Kino, Implant, Amgod, Psy’Aviah, Ambassador 21, Essence Of Mind, Leg Lifters, Temple Of Nemesys and ESB.

Powerful, dirty and energetic, Malakwa set the dancefloor on fire. With over 150 live shows experiences behind, getting to all corners of the world, not only France but also several times to China, Germany, Switzerland, Roumania, Slovenia, etc and the positive feedback of their debut album, “Feed The Machine”, the second installment of Malakwa is the perfect mixture of traditional industrial (Ministry) and EBM (Leaether Strip) filtered through the high end of Marilyn Manson, it’s edgy, cutting, powerful and noisy, but full of burning grooves and exploding themes, striking and memorable melodies.
“In Nothing We Trust”, “Monster”, “Break the Silence” are some of their most anthematic, catchier songs, the high energy, the explosive grooves, the dense sound and bombastic chords are some of their most efficient weapons of Malakwa.
From the remixes of “Monster”, Ambassador 21 delivered one of the heaviest and interesting versions, while the most spooky is the mix by Leg Lifters.
“Street Preacher” might be the essence and the future sound of EBM. Punks Not Dead, they get digital!

Track list:


01. make up your rules
02. monster
03. get up now
04. street blast
05. mahakala
06. in nothing we trust
07. break the silence
08. ride fast
09. wild trash lady
10. monster (MLK remix)


01. too young to die
02. gimme danger
03. monster (IMPLANT remix)
04. monster (LEG LIFTERS remix)
05. monster (AMBASSADOR 21 remix)
06. monster (AMGOD remix)
07. monster (PSY’AVIAH remix)
08. monster (ESSENCE OF MIND remix)
09. monster (ESB remix)
10. monster (TEMPLE OF NEMESYS remix)
11. monster (KANT KINO flesh remix)

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