Brazda Lui Novac – Dizzy (2011)

brazda lui novac dizzy 2011

brazda lui novac dizzy 2011 It took almost 13 years since Victor made up his mind and last year he released his first self-titled album, although, previously he released several EP-s and featured on several other compilations and releases. “Dizzy” follows surprisingly soon, and this time Victor further down deeper into the dark side of IDM, the new album explores a more cinematic and subtle area of electronic music, actually this is not even close some dancing music, but food for thoughts – and spirit.
“Dizzy” will be released on Raumklang Music, Thursday, on October 20th at The Silver Church Club in Bucharest, Romania starting at 21 PM, local time.
The big release party will featuring 3 live acts and DJ set including Luntaire, Dirk Geiger and Matze with a DJ set. At the location will be on sell not only the fresh album by BLN, but also the previous self-titled album – first physical release, previously available exclusively in digital format on various online music stores -, different merchandises, but

also albums by Dirk Geiger.

Started as a hobby in 1997, by architecture student Victor Popescu, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC (roughly translated as the furrow of Novac, the name of a district from his childhood city, Craiova) is one of the first and most creative Romanian electronic musical project.
Inspired by project such as Aphex Twin and having musical roots back to the 90s EDM (electronic dance music) and Detroit Techno, BLN evolved smoothly to a more meditative, subtle area of electronic music incorporating shoegaze and cinematic textures.
While the first album was build upon his live sets and stretching the digital feel of the music to extremely physical, noisier and harsh industrial direction, the new album bring to the surface a more sensitive, subtle approach, this is a gloomy journey through sounds to the most hidden corners of the human soul. It’s like a movie without imagines. And well, obviously, his music is quite suitable for soundtracks. Victor paints with sounds, smooth layers, minimal noises and subtle constructions.
The two different universes of this two albums are actually two sides of the same vibrating, pulsing world of sounds and feelings and Victor proves that there is still soul inside (and behind) the machines.

In 2003, Victor started his own production studio, the Square Sound Studio, followed by Square Sound Records in 2009 and in-studio and on-stage Victor had several collaborations including with leading Romanian artists such as Yvat, Silent Strike, Dezz or Artan of Timpuri Noi.

“Dizzy” has 12 compositions, plus one remix and can listen “Dizzy” on-line at BLN Official Site. As you can also listen his first album as well.

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