Mindless Faith – Just Defy (2012)

Although, as I just find out, this is their fifth album, “Just Defy” is the first album by Mindless Faith I ever listening to. I crashed into Mindless Faith at Indaba Music through the Jane’s Addiction remix competition , competition won by them which actually makes me hate them – although my remix is even darker –  😀 – but, I’m not gonna deny my subjectivity on this issue! 😆
Anyway, it seems they have a solid and substantial fan-base and experience in remixing “business”, delivering several tracks, including remixes for Nine Inch Nails and Front Line Assembly, and they delivering solid, balanced remixes incorporating their dark, deep and pulsing marks on these works. They remixed two Nine Inch Nails songs: “Only” and “The Hand That Feeds” and won a number of radio remix contests, met Trent Reznor as part of one of the prize, who said their remix was “better than some I’ve paid for”.
Mindless Faith find their path of merging industrial rock and EBM, their dark and contorted music honor predecessors such as Ministry, Pigface, KMFDM, Front242, Funker Vogt, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, Nitzer Ebb, Schnitt Acht – just to name few.
“Just Defy” it’s another trip into the dark side and Mindless Faith is an exelent combo delivering soundtracks for this strange times of global turmoil.

Mindless Faith delivered five full-length albums (on AlterCulture, Metropolis, & Depdendent Records), appearances on 29 compilations (on various labels in US and Europe), remixed 15 acts, appeared on MTV’s reality shows “Road Rules” and “The Real World”, their song “Singular” on the X-box 360 video game “Project Gotham Racing 3”, and have years of touring US, and later Europe, including opening for Skinny Puppy.

Only 9.99 USD, “Just Defy” consist of 11 gloomy and powerful tracks, Mindless Faith managed to merge dark and dense layers with intense beats and cutting edge riffs.
Standing against the mindless status quo of Washington and Wall Street, brothers Chris (Exeris) and Jason Sevanick form the backbone of Mindless Faith, along with MindCage, Paul Green and other collaborators, deliver a killer dose of dark and burning industrial anthems. It’s time to rising up!


01 – The Thirst
02 – Love is a Dirty Word
03 – Next to Last
04 – Over the Fence
05 – Corporati$m
06 – No Saints Allowed
07 – Mutually Assured Destruction
08 – Indiscriminate Force
09 – You Don’t Know…
10 – Undone
11 – Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)

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