My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Spooky Tricks (2014)

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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Spooky Tricks (2014) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult rose to fame at the end of the 80’s by their hard beats, distorted vocals, dense and contorted instruments and bizarre film samples. It was something burlesque and something wicked about their music, something genuine. It was the troubled age of post-new wave and the dawn of the hard-industrial revolution and Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) with Marston Daley (aka Buzz McCoy) managed to merge efficiently the disco bass with the rocking wah-wah guitars and dabbling in some big bad burlesque brass. Some say that they are met over a few drinks in a bar in Chicago and soon find themselves touring with the band Ministry.
They crafted a shocking and lurid film concept, “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”. Inspired by a shared love of tabloid tales of sex and Satan, kitschy horror and exploitation films in the style of Russ Myers, the concept came naturally. The name was ripped straight from a British headline Nardiello had noted while living in London. With limited experience and resources the film was scrapped, but work on its accompanying soundtrack continued. Legendary Chicago record label Wax Trax! Records was impressed by their sound and signed them without hesitation. They released a three song EP in 1988 and the full–length album entitled “I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits”, followed quickly in the same year. Read more My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Spooky Tricks (2014)

Ben Royal feat. Kate Walsh – Home, EP (2013)

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Ben Royal feat. Kate Walsh – HomeBoth, Ben Royal and Kate Walsh, are terribly common names. Not really helpful to google them because you will end up reading about a million different people from all over the world from Australia to Alaska.
If Ben it’s not a doctor having fun twisting beats off after-hours, he night be a DJ from Melbourne, Australia, while Kate, hm, there are too many Kate’s I guess, actresses, singers, waitresses, whatever.
The key of selling a product it’s not the product itself, but the identity of it. Hard to impossible sell something without solid, build-up identity while the market it’s anyway over-saturated and lately everybody “doing” music, “making” music, but nobody listening music, and very few are interested in buying music. You say Lady Gaga and everyone automatically knows exactly what you’re talking about. Ben who?
Although “Home” it’s an uplifting, melodious and minimalist, but really nice and sweet, danceable house track featuring in two different mixes (original and radio edit) and benefitting of 6 tasty alternative remixes delivered by Chris Valencia, U4Ya (with two mixes), Franco De Mulero, Desusino Boys and Max Fabian. Read more Ben Royal feat. Kate Walsh – Home, EP (2013)

Blackburner – Drop Bass Not Bombs (2012)

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Blackburner Drop Bass Not Bombs 2012 Dubstep and Glitch music it’s what was the Punk in the late 70’s and the Grunge in the 90’s – the fuel of a new generation, the dynamite in the hand of a furious, disoriented, sidelined and with no future generation. Considering all the social, economical and political tensions and conflicts in our late society, Dubstep works both as catalyst and discharger.
The downside – and the death – of becoming mainstream and fancy for the Dubstep it’s the same as for the other genres: it’s become patterned, predictable, and boring while everybody sound the same. Bass drops, wobbling and contorted sounds, but without any particular content are flooding the already saturated market and pretty soon the kids will start digging for something else, something different, something which once again, will break the line. Unfortunately very few products are actually worth to listen nowadays and pretty soon this will bury alive the genre. Read more Blackburner – Drop Bass Not Bombs (2012)

Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

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Producer, songwriter, DJ and record label owner; at 27, Håkan Ludvigson has already begun to make an imprint on the electronic music scene. In September 2011 he is taking the big leap as an original artist, releasing his debut artist album “Soulroom” on CD on his own Substream label.
He is living and breathing electronic music. Up to 2011, his productions have been mostly house and techno, engineered for DJs and clubs, released on vinyl.
“July” is a beautiful, romantic dream of a deep house track taken from Håkan’s debut studio album “Soulroom” , released last year.
Clubers and lovers will dig this seriously. Read more Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2 – Sostanze Records Free Download!

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If you have a party coming up, we have the soundtrack that will slaughter your neighbors. Download it now. For free.
“Don’t believe the hype (part 1)” by Sostanze Records made platinum record with over 40.000 downloads on the web, so, they are back with the follow up and their devouring energy.
The compilation offered is a mix of electro, dubstep and drum’n’bass, ready to burn your stereos and give you the right music for a night among friends, through the different approaches to the electronic music proposed by the several artists, each of them with his unmistakable style. Read more Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2 – Sostanze Records Free Download!

Chris Quirk – District One, EP (2012)

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I googled Chris Quirk, but it’s like googling John Doe, half of the planet seems to use this name, so it did not get me any further and without any other available background information, I left with this two tracks plus two remixes of the title track.
The energy is captivating, the sound is fat, modern, almost contorted, not that typical and absolutely tasteless all the same “boom boom” s*it. Actually “District One” is quite a killer track, it’s all about high energy, grooves, and good vibe. “Rude Awakening” continues in the same vain, slow down for taking a breath and only to blow up even noisier. Read more Chris Quirk – District One, EP (2012)

Oovation – Mirage EP (2012)

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The ovation (Latin: ovatio) was a lower form of the Roman triumph. Ovations were granted, when war was not declared between enemies on the level of states, when an enemy was considered basely inferior – slaves for instannce – or when the general conflict was resolved with little to no bloodshed or danger to the army itself.
Ovation is also the name of a famous guitar company founded by Charles Kaman.
And then there is Peter Bonaventura, better known as Oovation, a 21 years old producer and artist from Germany. He discovered music at the age of 13 years when he started playing the guitar. Later at the age of 18 he discovered with some friends the electronic music trough festivals like Time Warp, Nature One, I love Techno to name a few of them. He started to produce his own tracks at 19 and one year later he signed his first EP with Unusual Sound, and a few months later with Inlab recordings. Read more Oovation – Mirage EP (2012)

Hartmut Kiss – Flaming Passion, EP (2012 )

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Not being a clubber and a “classic consumer” of music generally speaking and particularly of dance music, my opinion is based exclusively on vibes and feelings, feelings bring to the surface by the sounds – the music – I’m listening to. And I’m kind of good – and massive – listener of all different genres of music, sometimes including dance music too. But well, I’m not a clubber, I’m not a consumer. Yet.
DJ Harmut Kiss seems to have always the right track at the right moment at his hand and it seems the veteran German DJ reads on the faces of the crowd like a book. And mix his own tracks with the intuition of a man who seen everything and knows all the secrets. The rhythmic is addictive and the subtle groove will definitively hypnotize you and put you on the move. “Flaming Passion” Read more Hartmut Kiss – Flaming Passion, EP (2012 )

Geremy Barrios – Binary Harmony (2012)

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This gonna set the fire in your living-room! Deep and pounding, Geremy Barrios delivers full-length debut album, merging techno and house, great grooves and good vibes. Both danceable and enjoyable, “Binary Harmony” will definitively leaps into the big league this Spanish artist, performer, producer, remixer.
Born in Montevideo in 1983 and raised in Barcelona, he’s been in contact with electronic music since he was very young, and at the early age of 13 he became interested in production, performing amateur jobs for several years. Always investigating and innovating, his style veered towards deep and techno house, and in 2005 he decided to also make a start in the world of mixing. Read more Geremy Barrios – Binary Harmony (2012)