Hartmut Kiss – Flaming Passion, EP (2012 )

Not being a clubber and a “classic consumer” of music generally speaking and particularly of dance music, my opinion is based exclusively on vibes and feelings, feelings bring to the surface by the sounds – the music – I’m listening to. And I’m kind of good – and massive – listener of all different genres of music, sometimes including dance music too. But well, I’m not a clubber, I’m not a consumer. Yet.
DJ Harmut Kiss seems to have always the right track at the right moment at his hand and it seems the veteran German DJ reads on the faces of the crowd like a book. And mix his own tracks with the intuition of a man who seen everything and knows all the secrets. The rhythmic is addictive and the subtle groove will definitively hypnotize you and put you on the move. “Flaming Passion”

makes no exception, this track will pumping through the night obsessively and unstoppable. For this EP Hartmut Kiss invited again two artists to remix his track and round up the EP: Johannes Heil and Guy J.
This is a very strong EP from Hartmut Kiss which makes us anxious for his new upcoming album.

Long-term residencies at many of the hottest clubs in central Germany, and not least its impressive guest appearances at festivals and major events have made him what he is today, with body and soul: Hartmut DJ Kiss.

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