Blackburner – Drop Bass Not Bombs (2012)

Blackburner Drop Bass Not Bombs 2012 Dubstep and Glitch music it’s what was the Punk in the late 70’s and the Grunge in the 90’s – the fuel of a new generation, the dynamite in the hand of a furious, disoriented, sidelined and with no future generation. Considering all the social, economical and political tensions and conflicts in our late society, Dubstep works both as catalyst and discharger.
The downside – and the death – of becoming mainstream and fancy for the Dubstep it’s the same as for the other genres: it’s become patterned, predictable, and boring while everybody sound the same. Bass drops, wobbling and contorted sounds, but without any particular content are flooding the already saturated market and pretty soon the kids will start digging for something else, something different, something which once again, will break the line. Unfortunately very few products are actually worth to listen nowadays and pretty soon this will bury alive the genre.


“Drop Bass Not Bombs” it’s a smart way to entitle a release – title which obviously resonate with the classic flavor of “Make Love Not War”. Just like Zardonic nailed it with his “Vulgar Display of Bass” a few months back. Or Celldweller’s “Wish Upon a Blackstar”. And “Drop Bass Not Bombs” it’s already an ass-kicker which incorporates chilled electronic layers, Rock-rooted grooves and catchy vocals, but the murderous contortions and mind-blowing drops and bass wobbling as well.
Cleopatra Records proudly presents BLACKBURNER, a bold new force in electronic music masterminded by multi-talented producer/musician Skyla Talon. A Michigan-born Los Angeles transplant, Talon cut his teeth in the music capital of the world with the modern metal band Killingbird, which he founded, and in 2005 joined Scum Of The Earth, featuring former Rob Zombie axeman Riggs.
Inspired by the revolutionary new sounds in Dubstep and Glitch music generated by the likes of fellow metal-head-turned-DJ Skrillex, Talon began the BLACKBURNER project, remixing tracks and releasing original compositions through the Cleopatra imprint Hypnotic Records. The project immediately met with enormous success as compilations featuring BLACKBURNER climbed the iTunes Electronic charts and BLACKBURNER tracks racked up over 15,000 downloads. Bolstered by the overwhelming on-line buzz, preparations were made for a full-length album.

On December 5th, 2012, Blackburner released “Drop Bass Not Bombs”, featuring 13 powerful tracks. The title track (“Drop Bass Not Bombs”) has already reached #2 on the Beatport Dubstep Chart and the group is now making the EDM-Rock-Hybrid song “Drop Bass Not Bombs” available as a FREE Download on Soundcloud and “Anxiety” (ft. Andy Clayton) available as a FREE Download via Dubstep net.
While “Drop Bass Not Bombs” have a smooth House aroma with driven heavy basses; “Anxiety” it’s a mixture of Gothic gloom, Rock ballad and sick as f*ck noises and wobbling basses.
Merging sounds and different tastes, aromas, seems to be the trick of Talon throughout “Drop Bass Not Bombs”, and the magic works once again.


01. Drop Bass Not Bombs
02. Bass Driven Thing
03. Bass Is Kicking
04. Alien Lover
05. Bass N’ Drops
06. Angels On Mars
07. Bass in Your Face!
08. Anxiety
09. Bass Raids
10. Motor Pussy
11. Nuclear Bass
12. Free Your Mind
13. Fantasy Lives

“Bass Driven Thing” it’s perfect for a game of movie score, it’s really driven and the the Metal guitar riff works perfectly with the wobbling and dropping basses and synth build-ups. Talon’s background as a metal guitarist/vocalist bring another dimension into this.
“Bass Is Kicking” moves into upper beats, think of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” on adrenaline. Techno fueled minimalist construction broken down by noisy layers and sick in and out twists. Definitively a grenade for the dance floor.
“Alien Lover” keeps the club beat pumping while Talon adds more wobbling basses and noises. The breakdown it’s spacy and kind of Oriental spiced, while the female voice sound more like Russian then alien.
“Bass N’ Drops” introduce some smoother Dub and Raggae vibes and flavors which smartly breaks the line and groove of the album.
“Angels On Mars” it’s another club-banger including a more Industrial and Gothic taste which moves the sound into a more darker area, but keep banging as hell.
“Bass in Your Face!” starts as a Disco hit from the late 80’s early 90’s only the dissonances and noisy synths remind us that we’re living different, more radical times. Still, this is a nice pair of a chilled House key and the twisted wobbling basses and synths.
“Bass Raids” it’s build upon a Breakbeat drum pattern and the sick breakdowns and noisy contortions make a hell of a ride out of it. Killer s*it!
“Motor Pussy” it’s another hybrid of noises and beats leading us back to experiments pioneered by Atari Teenage Riot back in the days.
“Nuclear Bass” slow things down for a while, this is an incursion into the more spacious Chillstep area, but the sick drops and noise butcheries are staying the same adding a powerful taste to the more melodious approach.
“Free Your Mind” throw us back to the dance floor, Glitchy rhythms and in and out blowing synths are lead us through a basically House flavored track.
“Fantasy Lives” it’s another game/movie score taste-like build-up with strings and epic/dramatic taste and apocalyptic drops and wobbling. No one gets out alive – eventually. Still, everyone might find something for his own taste on “Drop Bass Not Bombs”.

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