Chris Quirk – District One, EP (2012)

I googled Chris Quirk, but it’s like googling John Doe, half of the planet seems to use this name, so it did not get me any further and without any other available background information, I left with this two tracks plus two remixes of the title track.
The energy is captivating, the sound is fat, modern, almost contorted, not that typical and absolutely tasteless all the same “boom boom” s*it. Actually “District One” is quite a killer track, it’s all about high energy, grooves, and good vibe. “Rude Awakening” continues in the same vain, slow down for taking a breath and only to blow up even noisier.

Arent & Raxell, respectively DJ S1 delivered two alternative mixes of the title track, the first two adding an even further contorted dubstep taste to the track while the second adds a NYC style house taste to it. Banging!

Chris Quirk – District One, EP (2012) – Clubstream Red

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