Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom (2012)

Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom It’s all about the perfume, the mysterious aromas, the veil of smoke, the vibe, the groove and the pulse of the life itself expressed by the magic of the sounds. “Smoke In The Streets”, the opening track of Sinan Kaya debut full-length album take us the universe of the untold stories of the “One Thousand and One Nights”, hypnotize you and rock you into it while you can almost touch the smoke floating around. Then Sinan Kaya lead us gently through his raw beats and smoothly dislocated, subtle and floating sounds, mixing up Oriental aromas with Jazz vibes, minimalist Techno beats with Deep House pulses and Dub fueled sounds. He merge the Magic of simple things hidden in Life with the pleasure of dancing through the night nice and easily.
“No Negotiation” reveals some smooth Jazz infusions, a discrete piano runs throughout the song gave it a special taste while the beat keeps you moving. From the same area is “One Fine Day” too, while the beats are pumping, the music is made up of sparkling sounds and slowly moving layers creating a nice, intimate contrast. Read more Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom (2012)

Ghosts – Judge (2012)

Two Dublin (Ireland) based producers, Paudie Bob and Kevin Gleeson, merging elements of Dark Ambient, Garage, 2 Step and Dubstep.
This is a nice trip into the dark side of electronic emotions and mechanical grooves, manipulated vocals, smartly layered synths and pulsing noises. Mysterious, still catchy and colorful, Ghosts find a nice path between Deep House, Techno, 2 Step, Garage, Dubstep, Dark Ambient and blend them all together into their own.
To date they have two independently released two EP’s, “Doxology” and “NIGHT”, and several official remixes for the likes of CLU, Simon Bird and Monto. Their new EP, “Judge”, was released on June 18th by the online digital label, Bad Panda Records.
And most of all, can get it for FREE legally/officially!! Read more Ghosts – Judge (2012)

Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

Producer, songwriter, DJ and record label owner; at 27, Håkan Ludvigson has already begun to make an imprint on the electronic music scene. In September 2011 he is taking the big leap as an original artist, releasing his debut artist album “Soulroom” on CD on his own Substream label.
He is living and breathing electronic music. Up to 2011, his productions have been mostly house and techno, engineered for DJs and clubs, released on vinyl.
“July” is a beautiful, romantic dream of a deep house track taken from Håkan’s debut studio album “Soulroom” , released last year.
Clubers and lovers will dig this seriously. Read more Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

Noon and Hakan Ludvigson – Fortuna, single (2012)

This is the Monday morning awakening dance session. French tech-house producer Noon team up with Swedish Hakan Ludvigson for this one-off techno 2-tracker.
“Fortune” is a pounding, bombastic track nicely colored with uper-beat tribal percussion and minimal texture. “Platina” is kind of smoother and slower, running deeper and darker, having a narcotic, hypnotizing pulse. Two top notch, groovy club tracks!
Shut up and move your ass! Read more Noon and Hakan Ludvigson – Fortuna, single (2012)

Hakan Ludvigson – Soulroom (2011)

I’m not an expert in deep house, tech-house and in techno generally speaking, not a dancing type of guy and far not a clubber, but “Soulroom” have a warm, kind of intimate vibe, something charming and friendly, it just feels good and its pulse takes you away smoothly, almost stealthily. “The Soft Starlight” introduce the listener in that particular vibe and the album grows smoothly, pulsate and radiate through different rooms of that same kind of bitter-sweet feeling, an universe where cold and harness sounds are melting into strange, but humanly warm feelings and expressions.
This music is just as perfect and appropriate for sex as for relax or dance. Read more Hakan Ludvigson – Soulroom (2011)