Hakan Ludvigson – Soulroom (2011)

I’m not an expert in deep house, tech-house and in techno generally speaking, not a dancing type of guy and far not a clubber, but “Soulroom” have a warm, kind of intimate vibe, something charming and friendly, it just feels good and its pulse takes you away smoothly, almost stealthily. “The Soft Starlight” introduce the listener in that particular vibe and the album grows smoothly, pulsate and radiate through different rooms of that same kind of bitter-sweet feeling, an universe where cold and harness sounds are melting into strange, but humanly warm feelings and expressions.
This music is just as perfect and appropriate for sex as for relax or dance.

Producer, songwriter, DJ and record label owner; at 27, Håkan Ludvigson has already begun to make an imprint on the electronic music scene. In September 2011 he is taking the big leap as an original artist, releasing his debut artist album “Soulroom” on CD on his own Substream label.
He is living and breathing electronic music. Up to 2011, his productions have been mostly house and techno, engineered for DJs and clubs, released on vinyl. With his album in 2011, he is now moving into radio- and headphone-friendly electronica.
Håkan has been DJing and producing professionally for four years now, gradually building a name in the industry. His work has been played by DJs such as The Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz and Steve Lawler and has been remixed by Japanese legend Ko Kimura and Sweden’s Håkan Lidbo. He has also been handpicked and introduced on-air by superstar DJ Tiësto, featured in his weekly radio show three times, and remixed for labels such as EMI and Ultra.
As a DJ, Håkan is frequently playing clubs in Germany, and has built a name for himself in China, touring across the country several times. The past four years, he did 150 shows in 35 Chinese cities. He has played side by side with UK superstar Eddie Halliwell and headlined the legendary nightclub Absolute House in Shanghai – a club that used to take 4000 people in the main room at the time.
He’s record label, CLUBSTREAM , is a leading dance music label group in West Sweden, releasing everything from minimal to progressive house in digital form under its six branches. The Substream label specializes in indie electronica, working with both CDs and digital downloads.

Danceable and pulsing, still soulful and touchy, “Soulroom” is an excellent trip to take. Kind of can’t take it off from your player.


01 – The Soft Starlight (05:09)
02 – Goodbye feat. Coni (04:42)
03 – Nothing Ever Ends w. ALX002 & Cedar M (06:29)
04 – Take My Soul (06:50)
05 – July (04:27)
06 – With You Always (05:34)
07 – Amazing (04:59)
08 – Darkness feat. Coni (04:36)
09 – The Obvious Next Step (03:03)
10 – Freesoul (06:29)
11 – Yra Myra (05:22)
12 – Something About The People (06:52)
13 – Beautitude w. ALX002 (06:47)

Håkan Ludvigson – Official Site
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