Eisbrecher – Die Holle Muss Warten (2012)

The fifth studio album by the German Neue Deutsche Härte band takes down on a quite gothic/romantic side of the industrial metal, and from my point of view more than one ballad on a this kind of album it’s already too much. And – unfortunately – “Die Hölle muss warten” have several ballads, slow and pretty boring bitter-sweet songs, all of them filled with cliches, rather then with feeling. The faster, darker, pulsing songs of Eisbrecher sounds like a collision of The Sisters of Mercy with Rammstein and some of them are quite anthematics as the leading single: “Verrückt”.
No more “This is Deutsch”, but still, Eisbrecher rocks hard as they always should with tracks like “Herz aus Eis” where they managed to merged the slow and gothic mood with dark and heavy contortions. Love that track! And few others as “Abgrund”.

So, If you skip the pop and radio-friendly tracks, Eisbrecher can rock you away. They managed to merged different sounds, the hardness of the rock riffs with trancy and electronic layers quite well and managed to seperate them self from the sound of Rammstein, I just dislike their too commercial, pop moments which sometimes reminds me more of Modern Talking than to some industrial metal outfit.
Too much love kills you!


01 – Tanz mit mir
02 – Augen unter Null
03 – Die Holle muss warten
04 – Verruckt
05 – Herz aus Eis
06 – Prototyp
07 – Ein Leben lang unsterblich
08 – Abgrund
09 – In meinem Raum
10 – Keine Liebe
11 – Exzess Express
12 – Rette mich
13 – Atem

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