Anti-Flag – The General Strike (2012)

Anti-Flag - The General Strike (2012) Everything is politics. Can deny, can run, but can not hide. Anti-fucking-Flag is well known for its left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, feminism, and various sociopolitical sentiments. From where I sit, left-wing is no better than right-wing and current consumerism is not quite different of fascism, but still, I love Anti-Flag.
Anti-Flag will be releasing “The General Strike” on March 20th, 2012 on SideOneDummy Records, but the album leaked in its entirety on January 19, 2012, 2 months before it’s release date. Their previous album, the 09’s “The People or the Gun” was one of my favorites records of that year, so, listening to “The General Strike” was at least exciting.


The first single from the album, “The Neoliberal Anthem” was released to the band’s facebook page in January 2012.


01 – Controlled Opposition
02 – The Neoliberal Anthem
03 – 1915
04 – This is the New Sound
05 – Bullshit Opportunities
06 – The Ranks of the Masses Rising
07 – Turn a Blind Eye
08 – Broken Bones
09 – I Don’t Wanna
10 – Nothing Recedes Like Progress
11 – Resist
12 – The Ghosts of Alexandria

“The General Strike” sound further anthematic, “The Neoliberal Anthem” will echoing in your ears after only one listening, and Anti-Flag although debating the same serious issues, seems to have a more “commercial” approach musically, this time they are more closer to a raging Green Day then to The Exploited, but still managed to keep their cutting edge sharp. And it’s quite impossible not to jump up and sing along on songs such “1915”. But actually they managed to deliver anthem after anthem, and this is actually something!
“This is the New Sound” sounds like a violent collision of The Clash with Kaiser Chiefs of “I Predict a Riot” period; “Bullshit Opportunities” it’s a violent hardcore tune with a catchy, modern and melodic chorus; “The Ranks of the Masses Rising” it’s an absolutely classy punk-rock anthem just like the following “Turn a Blind Eye” and the “Broken Bones”; “I Don’t Wanna” it’s another fast (melodic) hardcore song with furious pulse; “Nothing Recedes Like Progress” it’s the perfect speed-punk while “Resist” blows like a fist in your face. The closing “The Ghosts of Alexandria” settle down to that “new”, more melodic (anti) pop-punk approach, and definitively Anti-Flag once again managed to deliver an extremely intense punk-rock album.
Love this s*it!

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