Ben Royal feat. Kate Walsh – Home, EP (2013)

Ben Royal feat. Kate Walsh – HomeBoth, Ben Royal and Kate Walsh, are terribly common names. Not really helpful to google them because you will end up reading about a million different people from all over the world from Australia to Alaska.
If Ben it’s not a doctor having fun twisting beats off after-hours, he night be a DJ from Melbourne, Australia, while Kate, hm, there are too many Kate’s I guess, actresses, singers, waitresses, whatever.
The key of selling a product it’s not the product itself, but the identity of it. Hard to impossible sell something without solid, build-up identity while the market it’s anyway over-saturated and lately everybody “doing” music, “making” music, but nobody listening music, and very few are interested in buying music. You say Lady Gaga and everyone automatically knows exactly what you’re talking about. Ben who?
Although “Home” it’s an uplifting, melodious and minimalist, but really nice and sweet, danceable house track featuring in two different mixes (original and radio edit) and benefitting of 6 tasty alternative remixes delivered by Chris Valencia, U4Ya (with two mixes), Franco De Mulero, Desusino Boys and Max Fabian.

Chris Valencia and U4Ya introduced some nowadays fancy drops and wobbling; Franco De Mulero, Desusino Boys and Max Fabian took it in the more traditional, but not less pumping techno flavored, club firer direction. I prefer the twisted in and out contortions of U4Ya and Chris Valencia, they add something extra to the quite traditional, minimalist and simple theme of the original. But as I said, it’s a good track and there’s a version for any (club) taste.


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