Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin (2015)

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (2015)

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (2015) When everything it’s obsessively boring and irreversible predictable, Ghospoet find his way and manage to deliver – once again – something fresh and genuinely enjoyable. Where conformity ends there Ghospoet kicks in!
Ghostpoet (born Obaro Ejimiwe, on January 18 1983) debuted as singer and musician in June 2010 with first EP entitled “The Sound of Strangers” on Brownswood Recordings and was later featured in The Guardian’s “New Band of the Day”.
His first single “Cash & Carry Me Home” was released on 24 January 2011, followed by the debut album on 7 February 2011, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam. The single “Survive It” was launched in Rough Trade East Record store, on London’s Brick Lane on 9 May 2011.
Ghostpoet was among the nominees for the 2011 Mercury Prize, but the winner of the prize was PJ Harvey.
The second album called “Some Say I So I Say Light” was released on 6 May 2013. The first single “Meltdown” premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show on 20 March 2013.
Ghostpoet via Soundcloud hosted a remix contest for three of his songs from “Some Say I So I Say Light”, but somehow I missed the submission deadline… Anyway, I do only weird hardcore stuffs…far off the mainstream. Read more Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin (2015)

Cairoglyphs – The Veil, EP (2014)

Cairoglyphs The Veil EP 2014

Cairoglyphs The Veil EP 2014 Hip hop it’s not actually my cup of tea, but once in a while I’m listening some hip hop as well, have a few favorites and I can appreciate the quality in any genre and style. Cairoglyphs have a cool Oriental/middle East flavor, but the Kansas City based hip-hop artist/producer Ryan Forest merged quite different sounds and styles from dense electronic layers to rap, and from dark, deep house constructions to pounding hip hop beats. Kind of past meets the future, highly danceable, very fluorescent type of music. Dark dance music with content. While IDM and EDM are simply dead labels drained by any meaning and content lately, Ryan Forest proves that the dance music might still have future.
“The Veil”, Ryan Forest debut EP has just been released on Russian Winter Records and by the kindness of the record label we got one, exclusive free track for download, a pretty cool teaser to make you buy the EP. Read more Cairoglyphs – The Veil, EP (2014)

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013) Maybe I’m an idiot, but I like “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”. It’s one of the best records of 2013. I can understand the fury and I can feel the pain, taste the irony. This is not a revolutionary record? Eminem did not reinvented the rapping, the rap and the hip-hop? If a bicycle do not need a third wheel – metaphorically speaking – and rap/hip-hop don’t need to be reinvented, I believe Eminem has to be invented. Rap needs Eminem. Simply and plain, just because. Because Eminem is both electric-shock therapy and vitamin. He’s probably not a God as he like to present himself (“Why be a king when you can be a god?” he sings in the song called “Rap God”), but he’s definitively a king. Behind all of his jokes, rhymes and irony I can see a very lonely, very sad, very furious human being. Don’t really give a shit about the over 220 million records he sold worldwide and that make him one of the best-selling music artists of the world, I don’t really consider him one of the greatest artists as the Rolling Stone magazine which ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, but for sure Eminem got style and know how to say things. And his the eighth studio album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” it’s a really solid release.
We’ve got a couple of huge songs (Bad Guy, Rhyme Or Reason, The Monster, Stronger Than I Was, Love Game), and having 15 tracks, it’s really something these days. Only at track 10 – “Brainless” – I had a feeling of saturation and I was tempted to skip that one. But maybe that’s just me again! Read more Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)

The Constellations – Do It For Free (2012)

With a cover which reminds me of Sex Pistols and a sound which might result from the (imaginary) collision of the tour buses of Jefferson Airplane and House of Pain, The Constellations are back. Soul, 70’s Rock and 90’s Hip Hop is mixed up and pulsing around in their music.
Their debut album, “Southern Gothic”, released in 2010, is about what happens in Atlanta from 2 AM until noon, while the centerpiece, a delirious nine-minutes track, “Step Right Up” is a direct tribute to Tom Waits. “Atlanta is strange,” they said, “because we’re all basically pushed together. The hip-hop heads, punk rockers, and indie kids all rub shoulders and mix it up. “Southern Gothic” reflects that inclusive diversity in its far-reaching sound.”
Two years later, they are back with “Do It For Free” and the same flavor. Eventually less rapping, more soulful, kind of vintage spiced sound. Read more The Constellations – Do It For Free (2012)

4Star – Daylight (2011)


4star-Daylight-2011 If you’re looking for some biting hip hop mixed up with cutting edge industrial, this is it, no use to looking further. Obviously the first thing coming on my mind is Saul Williams’ 2007 album “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!”, and actually there’s a quite impressive vibe of Nine Inch Nails behind these songs, but still, 4Star sounds different, more aggressive, more intense, eventually raw in its very positive – street – sense. “Daylight” probably is not a radio-friendly product, not something build upon the public and mainstream taste, still, it sounds simple and massive simultaneously, blow your head off.
I saw a video on YouTube (Face Change) and it was bloody murderous. I put 4Star on search at Google and I got myself a serious list of 4 star Hotels from the whole world. Gee! Read more 4Star – Daylight (2011)

Everlast – Songs Of The Ungrateful Living (2011)

Everlast was always close to my heart. Back in the 90s House of Pain was one of my first and almost only hip hop bands I dig, still, they second album “Same as It Ever Was” from 1994 is probably the best hip hop release ever and after the band’s split in ’97, and Danny Boy founded an art company, DJ Lethal became a member of Limp Bizkit, Everlast kick out a blooming solo career and achieved multi-platinum with his 98’s album “Whitey Ford Sings the Blues.”
The mixture of blues, country and hip hop, Everlast delivering since is quite fresh and tasty. Erik Francis Schrody (aka Whitey Ford), but better known by his stage name Everlast, reinvented himself singing the blues merged with rap, but saying facts right into your face. And I appreciated his style and honesty. Read more Everlast – Songs Of The Ungrateful Living (2011)

Wugazi – 13 Chambers (2011)

It’s not so hard to figure out: Wu-Tang Clan vs. Fugazi = Wugazi and the result is this “13 Chambers”, obviously 13 tracks available for free download at the official site . Actually, Wugazi is a labor of love by Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy. A year’s worth of cutting up every imaginable Fugazi record and trying out every Wu-Tang acapella they could get their hands on, resulted in this record. Now I had my own little problem with it: I saw a few years back Wu-Tang Clan at a festival, it wasn’t my choice to listen them, I was interested in Marilyn Manson who performed after them, but honestly, don’t matter how open-minded I might be, it was the worst live shit I ever had the bad luck to bear. Too many black guys with too many microphones rapping over a boring loop of four beats for one too long hour about how bad is to be black and how hard is their life in America. I really don’t give a shit about it and well, if life sucks in America, Africa is still on large, isn’t it? (Just like lefties can emigrate to Cuba anytime…)
On the other hand, Fugazi, formed in Washington, D.C. in 1987 and being on hiatus since 2003, is one of the leading bands of the post-hardcore movement, band formed by Ian MacKaye after legendary Minor Threat was dissolved in 1983.
So, kind of bitter-sweet, bad-good mixture of “stuffs” – exclusively from my point of view. Read more Wugazi – 13 Chambers (2011)

Galactic – The Other Side of Midnight Live in New Orleans (2011)

Stanton Moore worked with Robert Walter, Corrosion of Conformity, he’s one of the founding members of Galactic, but he’s also involved in other projects as well: Stanton Moore Trio, Garage A Trois and the Midnite Disturbers. Recently I wrote about Garage A Trois and their latest release. New Orleans outfit Galactic has a well earned reputation as one of the most exhilarating live acts around. Originally formed in 1994 as an octet (under the name Galactic Prophylactic) and including singer Chris Lane and guitarist Rob Gowen, the group was soon pared down to an instrumental sextet of: guitarist Jeff Raines, bassist Robert Mercurio, drummer Stanton Moore, Hammond organist Rich Vogel, Theryl DeClouet on vocals, and later adding saxophonist Ben Ellman. Last year the band released the critically acclaimed genre defying sonic tribute to the Big Easy entitled “Ya-Ka-May”. “The Other Side of Midnight” was recorded during an electrifying sold-out show at legendary New Orleans’ nightclub “Tipitinas” and features a host of guest appearances from the bawdy hip-shaking gender bending “bounce” star Big Freedia to local legends Cyril Neville and Trombone. Read more Galactic – The Other Side of Midnight Live in New Orleans (2011)

Saul Williams – Volcanic Sunlight (2011)

Poet, writer, actor and musician, Saul Williams, graduated in acting and philosophy, comes back with his fourth studio album and the same colorful, vibrating and intense mixture of hip hop with noisy – industrialized – electronic and spices of Afro beats and tribal and rapping vocals. Saul Williams sounds distinguishing even for the alternative hip hop scene, he’s a strong character with attitude and he’s one of the most vocal critic of the so-called War on Terrorism.
I love the genius “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!” from 2007 produced by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and “Volcanic Sunlight” is more powerful and intense album even than his previous works. Read more Saul Williams – Volcanic Sunlight (2011)

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Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (2011)

So, this is it, after four years awaiting and few delays, the eighth studio album by the Beastie Boys. This is NOT another explosive “Ill Communication” or another “Licensed to Ill “, it’s following the line of “To the 5 Boroughs”, but seems better than “Hello Nasty”. There’s no “Sure Shot”, no “Sabotage”, no “Brass Monkey” and no more “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” – if you know what I mean. But still, it’s positive, I guess, there’s no “Intergalactic” and “Super Disco Breakin'” kind of… ass shaker and money maker shit. Originally planed for a 2009 fall release, after Adam “MCA” Yauch was diagnosed with cancer, the release of this album was consequently delayed. And don’t dig to find “Hot Sauce Committee Part 1” because there is no part 1 yet, it will be release probably later. But since, we’ve got 16 brand new tracks from Mike D, Ad-Rock, MCA, Money Mark and Mix Master Mike. Read more Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (2011)

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