4Star – Daylight (2011)


4star-Daylight-2011 If you’re looking for some biting hip hop mixed up with cutting edge industrial, this is it, no use to looking further. Obviously the first thing coming on my mind is Saul Williams’ 2007 album “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!”, and actually there’s a quite impressive vibe of Nine Inch Nails behind these songs, but still, 4Star sounds different, more aggressive, more intense, eventually raw in its very positive – street – sense. “Daylight” probably is not a radio-friendly product, not something build upon the public and mainstream taste, still, it sounds simple and massive simultaneously, blow your head off.
I saw a video on YouTube (Face Change) and it was bloody murderous. I put 4Star on search at Google and I got myself a serious list of 4 star Hotels from the whole world. Gee!

Delivering the nerve of Subsource with the pounding noises of Nine Inch Nails merged with furious rapping and punk attitude, 4Star might be the perfect gift for these Holidays, the smartest way to spend your hard earned $8.99 and make a gift for yourself – or one of your mates – and these guys full of attitude. Support the fucking underground although the mainstream becomes overwhelming.

Adam Spinks said: “What can I say? London born and bred, writing since I could hold a pen, through ups and downs with girls and friends, think I may have a message to send.
Through bars and pubs, drugs and clubs, birds who never quite had enough, I now find myself simply givin a fuck.
Been a long time coming, potentially done in, but the tunes just reflect this title chasers run in.
I’ve got many a story to tell of swell guys and girls drinking bells ’til their heart swells, nicotine heart fails, So I’m picking apart fail, the shit that entails, spitting the sort of shit that’s equipped and heartfelt. I ‘aint here to beef at, the sad and weak cats, but the puzzle in my muzzle’s causing me to see that, there’s a meeting place that I just can’t meet at, If the game is over then I’m glad, the game was crap. I can’t sit here in my flat and applaud you, you’re starting a pointless life, I’ve lived 5 before you, ‘cos the scene is skint, it’s a poor tune, “POW!” didn’t work before but now it’s all new. But on a level I ‘aint ever gonna give out hate, I’m just a bloke from the ends with small bit to say, ‘cos everything that I write about is write when I lay, I guess there must have been a day, when everyone thought they knew the greats, but another great, was just lying in wait.
So if you’ve read this far, you might as well play a tune, don’t ya think?”

This is the shape of the music (and things) still to come, get its taste today!

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