Dungeon Elite [**] – New World Disorder (2011)

Emocore, NintendoCore, Happy GrindCore, Electro Metal, label it as you please, this is extremely intense and murderous s*it. Fada (Screaming), Becko (Synthesizers and Vocals), and finally Maia (Vocals) formed the group in Rome, Italy and their released their debut, “Make Love Not Warcraft” in 2007. Described on their MySpace profile as “Techno/Grindcore/Emotronic”, their music is a refreshing mixture of Hardcore, Nintendo and Game sounds like elements with Dance and Electronic musics, it’s extremely pulsing, dynamic, Metal and Techno melt into one and explode.


01 – First Impact
02 – Burn as Flames (feat. Red Box)
03 – Here to Stay
04 – Monochromatic
05 – We Believin’
06 – Dr. Dew
07 – Tesla
08 – The Worm I Will Crush
09 – Cataclysm
10 – A Sniper on the Roof Is Better Than 1000 Words
11 – Karma-geddon
12 – Zombie on Your Lawn (Bonus Track)
13 – A Sniper on the Roof Is Better Than 1000 Words (Rmx) (feat. Alessio Buso & Tino Dsf)
14 – Cataclysm (Rmx) (feat. Shy Kids)

Still, probably most of the Metal/Hardcore fans will consider this eventually too “Disco” while the clubbers will consider it too… Hardcore and maybe they both are absolutely right. But I like it. This is madness and pure high energy, dynamic and noisy simultaneously, heavy and catchy in the most positive sense. And surprisingly, Dungeon Elite [**] managed to write a couple of excellent songs, not only to merge genres and sounds. There is an obvious progress comparing to their previous release, “New World Disorder” is more focused, more effective then their previous work and I really think their got an even brighter future ahead of them.

Dungeon Elite – A sniper on the roof is better than 1000 words (Alessio Buso & TinoDSF Remix) by Alessio Buso

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