Bullet For My Valentine – Temper Temper (2013)

Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper (2013) After a three years gap, “Temper Temper”, the fourth album by one of the finest Welsh’s new generation heavy metal band was finally released on February 8, 2013 in Australia, and February 11, 2013 worldwide under RCA Records. Produced by the same Don Gilmore, who worked on the group’s previous album, the 2010’s “Fever”, and mixed by noted engineer Chris Lord-Alge, “Temper Temper” consist of 11 powerful, but melodious, heavy, but simultaneously sticky, modern metal anthems. Songs like “Breaking Point”, “Truth Hurts”, “Temper Temper”, “Leech”, “Saints n Sinners” or “Riot” are bloody hard to erase from our memory once we heard them. And this mixture of Iron Maiden taste like classy heavy metal with the modern sounding, emo rooted metalcore, really make sense in the forge of Bullet For My Valentine – although, all this generation and their not so flying metalcore seems more and more hollow. But, by aggressive marketing and bought-up media, still popular. Read more Bullet For My Valentine – Temper Temper (2013)

Dungeon Elite [**] – New World Disorder (2011)

Emocore, NintendoCore, Happy GrindCore, Electro Metal, label it as you please, this is extremely intense and murderous s*it. Fada (Screaming), Becko (Synthesizers and Vocals), and finally Maia (Vocals) formed the group in Rome, Italy and their released their debut, “Make Love Not Warcraft” in 2007. Described on their MySpace profile as “Techno/Grindcore/Emotronic”, their music is a refreshing mixture of Hardcore, Nintendo and Game sounds like elements with Dance and Electronic musics, it’s extremely pulsing, dynamic, Metal and Techno melt into one and explode. Read more Dungeon Elite [**] – New World Disorder (2011)

Breathe Carolina – Hell Is What You Make It (2011)

I’ve been listening lately hundreds of emocore/matchcore/metalcore releases, Breathe Carolina is an opportunity – chance, or don’t matter which other word I use, it would sound anyway odd – to get a perspective about the “other side” of this emo-whatever-core genre, they use rarely rock/metal inserts and only to color their rave/dance/electro-pop music patterns while their songs still preserves some emo roots. Their impressive resume already boasts music cues on NBC’s Monday Night Football, The Jay Leno Show and MTV’s The Hills/The City, a slot in Alternative Press’ Most Anticipated Albums 2011, and 60,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone of their hit album “Hello Fascination”. With this third full-length release they aim to the superstardom status and in a world where millions seriously believe that Britney Spears is talented, well, everything is still possible.
“Stepped Up And Scratched”, the hard-electro remix album by Asking Alexandria, I thought is the border of rave/emocore mixture, Breathe Carolina prove me I was wrong, they bring less guitars and noisy explosions, but focusing more on dance and pop themes and raving synthesizers and samplers. Read more Breathe Carolina – Hell Is What You Make It (2011)