Man Overboard – Self Titled (2011)

It is not very clear when the term pop punk was first used, but pop-influenced punk rock had been around since the mid- to late-1970s. In ’77 in an article title published by New York Times appeared “Cabaret: Tom Petty’s Pop Punk Rock Evokes Sounds of 60s”, but regarding the merging of sounds between pop/new wave and punk were all over the 80’s and several bands merged pop melodies and catchiness with speedy punk tempos, chord changes and dirty guitars. In the mid-1990s, the California pop punk bands Green Day and The Offspring set the new trend and ever since even new sub-genres – eventually labels – rose: “happy punk”, “faux-punk”, “mall punk”, “pseudo-punk” or “bubblegum punk”.
I admit it unconditionally, I’m an old – stubborn – hardcore punk fan, even mentioning pop and punk in the same phrase sometimes I might consider it at least a deadly sin, but I’m old – and hopefully wise – enough not to generalize, not to reject “by default”, not to hate anything or anybody and I know for sure, every genre has its diamonds and pearls, just like its dirt.
And it’s the Holidays season, Hanukkah, Christmas – or any other pick – , and if your looking for some free downloads and cookies, definitively you will find some taste stuffs on these guys web sites. But for some good stuffs always worth to pay. 🙂

Nik – bass/vocals, Zac – guitar/vocals, Justin – guitar, Wayne – guitar, and Mike – drums are coming from New Jersey, but the smell of the sweet Californian sunshine is all over in their dynamic, pumping (pop) punk.
I’m gonna quote from their official bio: “Man Overboard is a movement that a lot of us have been waiting for. We are tired of the lip-synching, Justin Timberlake-wannabe, neon wearing, cheesy hair metal crap that passes itself off as pop-punk in 2011. Man Overboard is defending the honesty, integrity, DIY spirit that pop punk was built on and restore it’s good name.”
Cool. And their music is actually very dynamic, memorable and kind of straight from their heart – and guts.
Their new self titled LP was produced by Steve Klein of New Found Glory and it was released on September 26th, 2011, on Rise Records / Lost Tape Collective worldwide. We’ve got 12 tasty, full of energy tracks, maybe this isn’t a revolution, but still, it’s feel alright.

And just one more thing: maybe there’s no reason to be happy, but trust me, no use to be sad. 😉

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